Even if players are seasoned puzzle game veterans, the Wordle answer for January 9 might not be the simplest to figure out. The solution for today comprises three vowels, two repeating rather closely together, which may confuse players. Even if players figure out where two or three letters should go, the word’s structure may prevent them from understanding the solution. Players may choose to switch to a mode that requires them to adhere to stricter restrictions.

Players will have an easier time completing today’s puzzle if they learn the confirmed locations of the three vowels, making it the ideal choice for Wordle’s hard mode. Once players have identified the three vowels and their proper placements, they can use pertinent suggestions to help them get a good sense of the solution. Although this mode is great for developing new tactics, it may take a few extra tries to solve today’s puzzle due to the challenging spelling of the answer.

Wordle tips for today (January 9, tip #569)

Some Wordle users favor using clues to maintain their daily streaks. Clues are an excellent tool for figuring out the daily Wordle puzzles because they do not reveal the solution while still challenging players. Here are three suggestions to aid in solving the Wordle puzzle for January 9:

Hint 1

a supernatural being in folklore

Hint 2

a type of haircut

Hint 3

playfully mischievous

Wordle answer for today (January 9 #569)

PIXIE is the Wordle solution for January 9.

To figure out the Wordle answer for today, we first used the word IRATE, which showed where one vowel should go and where it shouldn’t. When we used the word “MIXES,” the vowel and letter “X” were placed exactly where they should have been. Our subsequent attempt involved MIXIE, which indicated placing four letters correctly. From this point, using the term PIXIE, it was simple to complete today’s Wordle problem.


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