Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was released in 1984 and were a big hit. People loved the adventure, they loved the action, and they loved the special effects. But one thing that many people didn’t love is that the film was not film in India.

Why wasn’t Temple of Doom film in India? The answer is simple—the government wouldn’t allow it. The Indian government at the time had strict rules about where foreign films could be shot, and Indy Jones simply did not fit those guidelines. So instead, the film was shot in Tunisia, which didn’t have any of those same restrictions. Today, India is a much more open country, and filming movies there is much easier, but Temple of Doom shows how restrictive things were back then. If you want to make sure your next film is shot in your favorite country, be sure to research the regulations first!

The filming of the Temple of Doom was prohibit in India.

It’s been widely known for many years that Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom was not filmed in India. The reason why is that the Indian government at the time objected to the film’s religious content.

The ban on filming in India actually began before Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom was even released. In 1971, Paramount Pictures decided to film Raiders of the Lost Ark in India, but they were met with resistance from Indian authorities. The government was hesitant to allow a Hollywood production to take place in such a culturally sacred place, and so an agreement was made that filming would take place outside of India rather than within its borders.

Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom was shot in Tunisia instead, and despite protests from some quarters (mainly Hindu groups), it wasn’t until 1984 that the release of The Return of the Jedi led to widespread public outcry about potential film censorship in India. This finally led to a change in government policy and allowed for such productions as Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom, which ultimately went on to be one of the most profitable films ever made.

Instead, where was Temple of Doom film?

The filming location for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was not India, as many people believe, but rather the United States. The movie  actually filmed in California on a ranch called Elstree Studios.

What is the Temple Of Doom?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was not film in India. The film was even shot in the U.S. at various locations, including Arizona, California, and Utah.

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