Larsa Pippen is one of the most iconic athletes in Chicago history. The 6’8″ forward was a two-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls and a three-time Olympic gold medalist. But even if you aren’t familiar with Larsa Pippen, you certainly know of his twin brother, Michael. Michael is more commonly known as “Bubba” and is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. Larsa Pippen and Marcus have been at odds for years now, culminating in an ugly legal battle that has left both parties looking failed and miserable. Read on if you want to understand why this relationship won’t work out for Larsa Pippen!

Larsa and Marcus’ relationship on RHOM may end due to Scottie and Michael Jordan’s feud.

The relationship between Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan may not last because of Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan’s feud. The two powerhouses have been feuding for years, with Scottie accusing Marcus of stealing his moves and publicity. It has led to much hate between the two, which could eventually ruin their relationship.

Larsa is no stranger to beef with other players. She had a long-running feud with Shaquille O’Neal that culminated in an on-court altercation in 2000. It’s possible that the same thing could happen with Marcus if Scottie continues to make accusations against him. Larsa may decide it’s not worth trying to salvage her relationship with Marcus if things get rough.

Larsa’s relationship with Marcus on RHOM may impact her relationship with Scottie.

Ever since Larsa Pippen began dating Marcus, speculation has raged as to whether or not their relationship will affect her current one with Scottie. While the two appear to be very happy together, it’s understandable that some fans are worried about what could happen if Marcus ever caused a rift between the couple.

First and foremost, it should be noted that there is no guarantee that things will end up rocky between Larsa and Scottie. They may thrive under the same roof – but only if they can maintain healthy communication. If either party becomes resentful or closed off from the other, their relationship is likely head for trouble.

That said, it’s undeniable that Marcus’ presence will impact the Pippen family dynamics somehow. For one thing, he is younger than both Larsa and Scottie – so he could easily feel overshadowed by them. Additionally, Marcus is known for being quite volatile and impulsive – which could lead him to make decisions that upset or even hurt Larsa and Scottie.

Any potential problems between Larsa and Scottie would likely reflect poorly on Marcus. Given their relationship’s importance to each other, any issues must remain private if possible – otherwise, they could damage each other far more than anyone else could ever hope to do.

For RHOM’s Larsa, a non-exclusive relationship would be unsuitable.

Larsa Pippen is in a difficult situation on RHOM. Marcus is trying to win her back, and she’s unsure if she should return his affection, given the recent revelations about his past. If Larsa were in a non-exclusive relationship with Marcus, staying objective would be very difficult. The two would constantly fight and gossip about one another, which would only make things worse for her. Non-exclusive relationships can work for some couples, but they are not ideal for those involved in RHOM because of the constant drama and potential for betrayals.

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