Net neutrality is a big topic that has been in the news lately. Net neutrality means that Internet service providers can’t discriminate between content, or charge customers more for certain websites. Net Neutrality ensures all data on the internet is treated equally and fairly, without any restrictions from ISPs to control what you see and how much you pay for its design bundles.

Net Neutrality protects consumers by preventing companies from throttling bandwidth speeds or blocking access to certain sites. Net Neutrality prevents ISPs from discriminating against specific types of traffic, such as peer-to-peer networking applications like BitTorrent and Skype, which would allow users to share files with one another at higher speeds with less lag time than services like Netflix or YouTube.

Net neutrality also prevents ISPs from prioritizing traffic from sites that they own over other types of data. Net neutrality protects the open Internet as a platform for commerce, speech and civic engagement.

Net Neutrality is extremely important to keep in place because it ensures all information on the internet is treated equally without any restrictions or limitations from ISPs. Net neutrality keeps large companies such as Comcast-Time Warner Cable and Verizon from charging consumers more for access to certain websites or throttling speeds on sites that they don’t agree with. Net neutrality ensures all users have the same level of service, no matter who you are or what site you go to.

Net Neutrality is a big topic in our society today because it keeps people safe online by preventing ISPs from throttling speeds on websites or blocking certain sites. Net Neutrality ensures all data is treated equally and fairly, without any restrictions on what you can see online!

Net neutrality is the only thing standing between you and your computer’s screensaver. It ensures that all web traffic, be it Netflix streams or Facebook updates are treated equally by ISPs so they can’t interfere with how quickly users download content and there’ll be no data caps.

Net Neutrality empowered us as consumers because now we’re in total control of what destinations our ISP delivers information too; without having any bias from providers who might have partnerships with certain sites over others based on sponsorship deals. Unfortunately though this 2015 ruling doesn’t cover mobile devices so if AT&T wants high-speed wireless service for their phones, customers need to contact them directly through customer care. Net neutrality is the reason why you’re not charged based on how much data you use. It ensures that ISPs don’t prioritize certain types of content or charge more for access to other sites. Net Neutrality keeps everyone’s information equal and fair on 9xflix so there aren’t restrictions on what you can see online!

Net neutrality means all traffic should be treated equally, Net Neutrality ensures the internet is a free and open space for everyone. Net neutrality makes it so ISPs can’t throttle speeds or block certain sites which keeps all users equal on their connections.


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