Creating a great resume is a key to landing your dream job. You can create a great resume by the help of Resume Builderr If you want your resume to catch the attention of employers positively, check out the five steps listed below.

  1. Choose a professional resume template

The first step in creating some curriculum vitae is choosing the template. It’s usually not worth creating a template from scratch, as it’s easier to look up an existing template on the internet and customize it with your information. The chosen template should separate each document section and have a common font and a uniform colour palette.

  1. Place the required sections

There is a set of sections that must be present in all resumes. These are personal information, summary, work experience, academic background and skills.

Be sure to keep personal information short, write only the essentials, and craft a brief summary of no more than two lines explaining your motivations for applying and key qualities.

The general principle in education and work experience is to list your experiences from most recent to oldest. Showing the most recent experiences first will make them stand out. If you want to highlight an older experience, you can put it first.

As for skills, focus on those that will be needed for the job at hand. Therefore, it is important to always adapt the curriculum for each vacancy.

  1. Bet on some non-mandatory sections

In addition to the sections mentioned above, there are others, such as languages, publications, certificates, volunteer work experiences, hobbies and interests, etc. You can enter some if they are important to the job you are applying for.

Suppose you are a student or starting your professional career. In that case, you can compensate for the lack of professional experience by presenting volunteer work experiences or hobbies that meet the company’s needs.

  1. Pay attention to the content

To have a good resume, it is not enough to look good; you also need quality content. One of the good tenets of content is to focus on the essentials. If you have extensive professional experience, you can refer to some of your previous jobs. Mention only those most relevant to the application. Remember that your CV should be at most two pages long.

As for the content itself, one of the key principles is to quantify your accomplishments and accomplishments. For example, if you worked in customer support, you might say: “I achieved a 98% customer satisfaction level in 2021”. This will convey the idea that you are active and can get results. Another important aspect is to keep the language simple. Avoid using overly technical language; otherwise, the recruiter may not understand.

Remember to check your document for spelling and grammar using a word processor like MS Word.

  1. Ask for someone’s opinion

Once you have your resume ready and before you send it out, ask someone to read it and give you their opinion. If you have a relative or friend who works in human resources, they may be the best person for the job. There are always aspects that we ignore and that we can improve.

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