Karen Everett has made her presence known on The Family Chantel, but there is still plenty to discover about Chantel Everett’s mother. She and her husband, Thomas Everett, were renowned on 90 Day Fiancé for their infamous interrogation of their former son-in-law, Pedro Jimeno. Karen is still a prominent TLC personality in 2023.

Following the huge impact that the Everett and Jimeno families had on 90 Day Fiancé, Karen joined her daughter Chantel on the TLC show. Karen and Thomas were dubbed “horror” in-laws after accusing their daughter’s partner of “harvesting the American money” onscreen. They claimed this because Pedro wished to work in the United States and transfer money to his family in the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, Karen and Thomas have redeemed themselves over the years by demonstrating that they are a fierce, loyal, and loving couple. Karen is spunky, elegant (she has a tiny hat collection), and utterly committed to her children and husband.

Karen Everett’s Family Chantel’s Background

She Everett is thought to be 56 years old as of January 2023. Karen is enjoying the offbeat, as indicated by the names she gave her children, who appear on The Family Chantel. She and her spouse, Thomas, have four children. Their eldest kid is Royal Wylie, followed by Chantel, whose birth name is CeAir. Winter and Riverknight Everett are also present. Karen has a dog named Ginger Spice Yoshimi as well.

Karen and her spouse live in Atlanta now that their children have all moved away since late 2022. However, their three youngest children reside relatively close to them in the Atlanta region. She has also reconciled with her son Royal’s wife, Angenette Wylie, following some noteworthy squabbles. Karen appears financially secure, as she has discussed Chantel’s fortune.

Karen Everett of The Family Chantel’s Relationship Status

The connections in the Chantel family have broken down, including Chantel and Pedro’s marriage, although Karen and Thomas are still going strong. Thomas and Karen are still together as of January 2023. Their dating anniversary is December 21, even though the Georgia couple married on March 6, 1991. Karen and Thomas, members of the Family Chantel, work well together and frequently share social media posts. They also support each other’s decisions about their children and family. The renowned parents are huge fans of Georgia’s sports teams and have given their children dating advice, which makes sense given their long and successful marriage.

Karen Everett of The Family Chantel’s Work History

Karen’s work history contains some intriguing details. She rose to prominence on TLC after featuring in the 90-Day Fiancé franchise. It got her a previous Ask Mama Chantel Facebook Live event. Karen describes herself as a “published author” and “public speaker” on her Instagram account at @Karen Everett and Thomas. She also made use of the hashtag #businessowner. Karen uses the phrase “BSR” (Bullsh*t Repellant) and has designed shirts using that acronym. The Family Chantel actress constantly extols her children and promotes their business ventures. It is also rumored that The Family Chantel star Karen was a cheer coach in the past.

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