Streaming monsters like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have changed the way people used to take entertainment. These streaming platforms are a big part of our lives now and we will die of boredom if these streaming platforms stops providing streaming services. All you need is an internet connection and a subscription to any streaming platform and you will be getting access to tons of amazing content. Where some people like streaming services, there are some people who still like traditional cable TV services and they are okay with sitting in their living room and watching the show with the whole family. Cable companies like Optimum cable offer multiple plans with different channel lineups to their customers so everyone can get one that suits their needs and budget.

As per a new report by marketing research organization J.D. Force, Canadian subscribers spend around 4 hours on multiple streaming platforms per binge-watching session in a day. The reason is that people don’t have the patience to watch an episode and wait for a week for another episode. People can no longer wait for a week to watch the next episode of their favorite TV series. Presently, many people prefer to watch the whole TV series all at once on their PCs or tablets in the solace of their own room. Some people think that it could be inconvenient at times but it’s comfortable so that cool!

Nonetheless, binge-watching in your room can negatively affect your well-being in case you are not fully prepared. We don’t take it seriously but this can affect your health really bad. Giving close consideration to the conditions under which you watch is very important. That can include a lot of stuff. You need to make an environment that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable while watching your favorite show. Need to know how you can do it? The following are the ways through which you can make your binge-watch as comfortable as possible.

Make your posture is right

We all sit in weird positions while watching Netflix because we get so involved at times that we don’t even care about our posture and we often don’t feel like moving. In any case, standing by or laying in bed for a long time can prompt back torment. That is the reason why you should consider your posture and make it right while watching your favorite TV series. The following are a couple of solid postural propensities.

  • Try not to remain in one situation for quite a while.
  • Fold your legs in a simple manner to draw in your back and hip muscles.
  • Change positions by switching back and forth between lounging around and resting. Indeed, even resting on the opposite side of the bed can be useful.
  • Give your back legitimate help when sitting upstanding.
  • Get up consistently and stretch to stay away from muscle touchiness or solidness.

Mind your viewing angle

While watching Netflix on your smart TV or laptop, make sure you watch it through an angle that doesn’t make you uncomfortable and hurts your neck. Ensure the position of your PC or tablet close to the foot of the bed or so you don’t have to make yourself uncomfortable watching your favorite show.

Pick Organic Mattresses and Pillows

Using just a regular mattress can prompt an awful stance that brings about spinal pains as it neglects to keep up with the bend of your lower back. In case you are watching your favorite TV show in bed, a natural sleeping cushion is ideal. It is an adaptable yet stable choice with a firm surface to help your back while you enjoy one scene after another. Your cushion or pillow ought to likewise be firm yet adaptable to twist and support any situation to help your neck as you rest to watch the screen. Buckwheat cushions and pillows acclimate to adjust to the state of your shoulders, head, and spine. They additionally keep an ideal arrangement for your body that thusly forestalls back or neck torment. These natural cushions are breathable and will really help you out in making your space more comfortable for you while binge-watching.

Keep light snacks with you

Watching your favorite TV series without snacks is no fun. You should always have something with you so you don’t have to get up and leave your comfort zone to get something to eat. You don’t need to have a lot of snacks with you as that will divert your attention as well and your focus would be more on eating than watching. Tell me a better duo other than having both your favorite TV series and snacks by your side. A few tidbits to brighten up your watching experience are pizza with a ton of cheddar, peanut butter directly from the container, chocolate-covered pretzels, and your number chips.

Keep water or other beverage

Your space where you watch your favorite series or do any other activity ought to have everything to make your experience as pleasant as it can be. That implies drinks, as well, including water. Always keep water or any other drink to stay hydrated.

Take small breaks

This might shock you but being tied in at the same place or sitting in one spot or lying in bed the entire day isn’t comfort. Staying in bed all the time will affect your health and you might start feeling sick. Overdoing anything can never be good.  It can badly affect your health. You need to make sure that you take breaks after every episode even if you want to watch the entire show in one go, don’t. Go out, take a walk, do any other activity. Make sure you keep yourself away from all the web-based activities and give your mind some rest.

Summing it up

Binge-watching web series on the ends of the week can be extremely soothing, particularly in the event that you have had an intense week of work. But you need to make sure that you always priorities your sleep and if your sleeping pattern or mealtime is not getting affected by it, it’s cool.

We all are a part of this game and we all need to make sure that we arrange a space for us that offers us comfort. What’s the catch in watching your favorite series when you don’t feel comfortable? Invite your friends on weekends and do binge-watching often as it’s a healthy activity and for those who work all week, it will be an escape for them and they should take some time for it.

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