The Method of Water matches Symbol 2009’s record for ends of the week spent at No. 1 in the homegrown film industry.

Avatar: The Way of Water┬áhas surpassed the previous year’s box office record set by the original 2009 picture. The long-awaited sequel, released on December 16, reunites filmmaker James Cameron with original cast members Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaa, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang for another adventure to Pandora, the home of the Na’vi. The film has taken the world by storm, with its box office quickly rising past $2 billion to become the fourth highest-grossing film worldwide.

Per Assortment, the record-breaking Symbol: The Method of Water film industry run has recently achieved another significant accomplishment. This weekend, which saw no other major wide deliveries, will turn into the seventh end of the week the film takes the No. 1 spot in the homegrown film industry. It will match the number of ends of the week that the first film held the No. 1 spot back in 2009.

Will Symbol: The Method of Water Become The #1 Netting Film Ever?

Albeit the film has made it clear that things are pulling back at the homegrown film industry, Symbol: The Method of Water has the chance to broaden its No. 1 streak much further than the first Symbol. Nonetheless, there are just two additional weeks where it has the chance to do as such, as it will certainly be thumped from its roost by the arrival of Subterranean insect Man and the Wasp: Quant craziness on February 17.

The following two ends of the week will see the Symbol spin-off contending on a landmark with solid competitors like M. Night Shyamalan’s new spine chiller Thump at the Lodge and Valentine’s week arrival of the exotic spin-off Enchantment Mike’s Last Dance. Yet, it has each an open the door to move its streak along for somewhat longer.

Be that as it may, the unavoidable issue is whether the spin-off has the stuff to turn into the No. 1 film ever. Presently, just three films stand between Symbol:

┬áThe Method of Water and that title: Cameron’s 1997 heartfelt incredible Titanic, the 2019 Wonder Realistic Universe hybrid film Justice fighters: Final stage, and the first Symbol. While it has previously taken significant steps up the graph and appears to be ready to overwhelm Titanic at some point in the approaching month, there is as yet a hole of around $806 million that it needs to near arrive the top.

That is a significant measure of cash, considering that there are just six movies in 2022 that made more than $800 million over their whole run. Notwithstanding, if Symbol: The Method of Water keeps on turning in serious areas of strength for such in global domains, particularly in China, where it is one of the main American movies of the pandemic period to be permitted to run, it could arrive at that objective.

Nonetheless, Insect Man could buffet those expectations with what is generally anticipate to be an enormous gross as it starts off Stage 5 of the MCU.


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