Vicky McClure, a cast member of Line of Duty and director Shane Meadows will attend a charity music event.

The two will have a discussion on January 29 at the Nottingham Beat The Streets festival. They collaborated on the film. It Is England.

The celebration will help generate money for Framework, a local nonprofit that helps the homeless.

George Akins, the event’s organizer, expressed his excitement at Vicky and Shane’s participation.

Celebrities who have close ties to the area will make an appearance at the Rescue Rooms on Goldsmith Street.

The right combo to join us at the fifth iteration of our charity festival, Mr. Akins continued, “both are known for how much they give back to the city, whether it’s giving opportunities for new actors or with Vicky’s Dementia Choir.”

Beat The Streets has given £320,000 to Framework since its 2018 start.

Ferocious Dog, a legendary Nottingham folk-punk band, will perform as the festival’s headliners.

Tickets are available for purchase online starting at a minimum donation of £10.

Who is Vicky McClure?

Vicky McClure


Victoria Lee McClure is a model, actress, and presenter from England. She is well recognize for her work in the BBC series Line of Duty as Detective Inspector Kate Fleming (2012–present) and as Lol Jenkins in Shane Meadows’ film This Is England (2006) and its Channel 4 sequel mini-series This Is England ’86 (2010), This Is England ’88 (2011), and This Is England ’90 (2012). (2015).

She played Ladine in another of Meadows’ films, A Room for Romeo Brass (1999) before This is England. In 2011, she received the RTS Award, and Her portrayal of Lol in This Is England ’86 earn her the British Academy Television Award for Best Actress.

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