With the Covit-19 crisis, the use of long-distance work has imposed itself on a number of countries and operational sectors … with the key to some apparent embarrassment.

Return to the screen for the CNN columnist

Eight months of suspension and he is back in the air. 61-year-old columnist Jeffrey Doopin told CNN on Thursday. He was sidelined after masturbating during the zoom meeting … in front of his colleagues in the press The New Yorker.

He showed up at a break when he thought “we couldn’t see him” during the video conference, explained Thursday, apologizing for his gesture “deeply funny and indescribable.

Again and again the Canadian MP.

This is the story of the chosen re-offender. At the end of May, the Canadian MP One has relinquished some of his duties, saying he was looking for “appropriate support” after being caught on camera urinating during a video conference in parliament, a month after appearing naked at the meeting. ‘Another virtual session.

“I am so embarrassed by my behavior that the suffering may have happened to anyone who witnessed it,” William Amos said.

“Although coincidental (…) my action is completely inappropriate, I wholeheartedly apologize,” he said.

The Argentine parliamentarian has been suspended

In September 2020, an Argentine parliamentarian was caught kissing his partner’s breasts while attending a virtual session. The previous picture was shown on the giant screen of Parliament.

The elected official said he was “sorry” and “very ashamed”, but indicated he would not resign.

“The signal came back on and reconnected automatically as usual,” he apologized. “I kissed her on the chest. Nothing happened. He was appreciative. It shouldn’t have happened. It happened to me.”

Naked businessman at a meeting with the President of Brazil

In September 2020, a businessman, whose identity was not revealed, appeared nude during a zoom conference with Brazilian President Jair Bolzano, forgetting to turn off his camera.

His picture appeared in the right corner of the screen, with about 20 video conference participants. We may hear a Brazilian minister say, “A boy is bathing naked.” Mr. Bolzano replied: “Unfortunately we saw it, the picture was blurry, but unfortunately we saw it.”

MEP in his underwear.

In June 2020, Luke Flanagan, an Irish MEP, appeared to him in his underwear and shirts at a virtual meeting of a European Parliament committee.

“I went for a run … two minutes ago I was in a T-shirt and decided to wear a shirt to be respectable! I really won” he jokingly commented on Twitter: “I hope you like my legs.”

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