Two cases have been reported on the first cruise ship to sail to North America since the outbreak, despite the fact that “a crew and passengers were vaccinated”.

The news was announced by Cruise Line Royal Caribbean. Two passengers test positive for Govt-19 on Thursday at the popular Millennium. A ship He left Saint-Martin Island on 5 June. “Individuals are asymptomatic, currently isolated and being monitored by our medical team,” the company said, confirming a contact tracking operation and leaving the Dutch part of Saint Martin on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin last weekend. .

Both tested positive “Mandatory end of ship test”, Explains the Royal Caribbean, which states that passengers must show proof of vaccination and a negative Govt-19 screening less than 72 hours before boarding.

“Protect Health”

According to the New York Times, the company adheres to the full code of ethics for its partner locations and “goes beyond the orders of the major American public health agency”, “to protect (and) the health and safety of (its) passengers”, numbering 600 with 650 team members.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had in early May issued new regulations to allow ship passengers to return to sea under strict conditions: 95% of people, passengers and crew on cruise ships must be vaccinated. Departing from Sindh Morton, the famous Millennium was to complete a seven-day voyage through Barbados, Aruba and Curaக்கோao.

Among ship passengers, the situation is particularly crystallized in the world’s travel capital, Florida. Republican Gov. Ron Desandis last month approved legislation banning businesses and businesses from issuing “vaccine passports” to their customers and employees – imposing a $ 5,000 fine on a passenger.

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