If you’re looking to buy a stock, one good choice for you is TSNPD stock. However, while its price has been rising over the last year, it’s not a stock to buy on a whim. This type of investment is very volatile, so do your research and be prepared for a down day. This article will help you understand the factors you should consider before buying TSNPD stock. Also, keep in mind that TSNPD stock has been increasing in price over the past year, and you should only invest if you’re comfortable with the risk.


When TSNP price/sales ratio hit the $1.5 mark on October 20th, a few things stood out. The company is based in Seattle, Washington and is publicly traded, meaning that it’s more liquid than its competitor, HUMBL. The company is also a unicorn, a stock that is valuable and has great growth potential. This unicorn penny stock is trading at a high volume and is gaining momentum, making it an excellent buy for investors looking for an all-out blue sky breakout.


If you’ve ever wondered how to invest in penny stocks, you’ve probably heard of TSNP stock. This stock was a penny stock that was outside the crypto world, and it claimed to focus on the delivery of construction materials. The company reported its 2012 earnings to the SEC, and it stated it made $360,000 in revenue with a profit margin of -50%. Today, the company has over $1 billion in market cap.

TSNPD stock recently announced a merger with HUMBL LLC, forming a new entity with the same name. The merger boosted the stock price, but it changed the ticker to HMBL. As such, TSNPD price/book is likely to increase further in the near future. In addition, TSNP recently announced that it had entered the drone market. The news from the company’s subsidiary Impossible Aerospace Corporation was also a catalyst for gain.

Price/Cash Flow

If you’re looking for a stock with good growth potential, you should consider buying TSNPD (NASDAQ: TSNPD). The company’s shares have been on an uptrend for the past year, but that bullish cycle hasn’t reached its high. It may hit 50 USD in a year, but you shouldn’t buy the stock on a whim. In addition, this is a volatile stock, so make sure you do your research and prepare for a down day.

TSNPD stock was an unprofitable penny stock outside of the crypto world. Then, it claimed to focus on delivering construction materials and reported 2012 earnings to the SEC. Instead, it said only a -50% profit margin and revenues of $360,000. Now, the company has a market cap of over $1 billion. And its stock isn’t a bad investment, but it’s still speculative.

TSNPD is a medical equipment company, and it raises money from venture capital and angel investors. The company has recently been focused on larger deals and has raised over $1 billion in venture capital. As a result, its stock price went from a penny to over sixteen cents. And thanks to a smart investor relations campaign, the stock has grown from a penny to over sixteen cents. So this is the perfect time to consider buying TSNPD stock and start generating profits.

60-Month Beta

The press release from HUMBL looks like the pitchbook of a startup company. It’s chock full of entrepreneurial visions, test cases, and entrepreneurial dreams. As a result, the company decided to go the riskier route, attracting angel and venture capital investments. As a result, the stock rose from a penny to over 16 cents. When the merger closed, it soared by over 1,500%.

The 60-Month Beta of TSNPD measures the stock’s volatility compared to the overall market. The beta is calculated using the slope of a 60-month regression line or the change in price relative to an index. In asset pricing theory, beta represents the systematic risk that cannot be diversified away. The market itself has a beta of 1.0, and individual stocks are ranked based on their deviation from the overall market.

Since beta is not a perfect predictor of future price movements, it’s important to know the history of TSNPD stock to avoid losing money. In the past, this utility stock was a defensive bet. However, it took on a greater debt load after entering the merchant energy business. The beta did not capture the substantial risk associated with this new business. However, this isn’t the only problem with beta. There are many technology stocks with little or no price history.


A few months ago, TSNPD stock was considered a penny stock. It claimed to be focused on the delivery of construction materials. It reported 2012 earnings to the SEC, showing $360,000 in revenues and a -50% profit margin. The company now has more than $1 billion in market cap, and investors are eager to buy. This article will discuss the pros and cons of purchasing TSNPD stock. In the following paragraphs, I’ll examine why TSNPD is an appealing investment and how to trade it.

TSNPD stock was a penny last year, but now, it’s the volume leader. The company was able to get the money it needed to build its business through angel investing and venture capital. Recently, TSNPD focused on larger deals, and the price of TSNPD stock skyrocketed from a penny to over sixteen cents! The company’s smart investor relations campaign helped push the price up.

In December of 2020, HUMBL and Tesoro merged. The merger was approved by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The merger created two companies and increased the value of each. Before the split, both companies traded for $0.85 per share. After the split, they both rose to about $3 to $4 a share and hit $5 at one point. The reverse stock split will force short positions to cover and won’t wipe out shareholder holdings.

Reverse Merger Stocks

The stock market has become a dangerous place to invest in, and reverse mergers are not an exception. These deals are a big-time investment, but they are also extremely profitable. Ideally, the stock should raise at least $500k and expect to sell $20 million in the first year of operation. But even then, there are risks involved. Listed below are some things to look for when investing in reverse mergers.

First, the company changed its name. It used to be known as Tesoro Enterprises. Still, this merger enables it to go public and become HMBL Inc. Ultimately; the stock reflects the company’s ambitious goals. Moreover, HUMBL’s new name stock will be easier to buy if its market value increases. Its prospects are bright with this merger.

The company will now be called HUMBL. Its share price is around $5. The reverse merger stock split has increased the value of HUMBL shares. The resulting combination of these two companies has boosted the company’s trading volume. In addition, both companies will no longer be listed under the penny stock label. As a result, the TSNPD reverse merger stock split will increase both companies’ share prices. So, if you’re considering investing in this company, make sure you understand how it works and what you can expect from it.

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