If you are glancing for a replacement lamp for your Top Tech 09980 09981 213802-00 top tech 14 UV light, we recommend looking at LSE Lighting. These lamps exist manufactured with OEM specifications and quality. We’re nonaligned with Top Tech and do not sell its brand name lamps. Ultraviolet germicidal UVC light can be harmful to the eyes and skin, and we don’t recommend that you use this product regularly.


UV irradiation plays a central role in the lipid peroxidation of blood cells. It induces dark lipid auto peroxidation and free radicals and contributes to the generation of lipid hydroperoxides. It also known to increase levels of carotenoid enzymes and heme-containing proteins. Here are some examples of how top tech 14 UV light affects blood cells.

The ozone layer soaks up the UV light released by the Sun in the stratosphere. This ozone layer protects most species from UVC but does not protect all life from exposure. If UVC exposure uncontrolled, it can lead to severe health effects. To minimize the risk, it recommended to use a UV light with a high-efficiency triple-function, no-maintenance filter.

Hydro-peroxides are a natural part of the atmosphere. They kill bacteria, viruses and mold spores. They also neutralize VOCs and odors. By vaporizing them, ultraviolet light also eliminates odors. Hydro-peroxides are also very efficient in removing odors. This light effectively removes mold and bacteria, fights odors, and prevents allergic reactions.

The REME HALO system works similarly to nature. A bolt of lightning activates hydro-peroxide molecules in the air. This cleans the air and leaves behind a fresh, natural odors. In addition to eliminating viruses, REME HALO technology removes particulates and gases from the air and reduces sick building syndrome. This air purification system is especially useful for buildings where employees are frequently out of work due to illness or colds.

Air filters have come a long way over the past decade. However, a new type of technology called photo-hydro ionization is set to change the way indoor air is treated. Photohydroionization technology works by utilizing an HVAC-PHI cell mounted to ducts. This process uses superoxide ions and hydro-peroxides, known as friendly oxidizers.

Ultraviolet oxidation uses low-pressure UV lamps operating at around 65 watts for ozone and 15 kW to 60 kW for hydrogen peroxide systems. The ultra violet light breaks down the chemical bonds of contaminants, releasing various products. The amount of time each product is stable depends on the matrix they are in and how long the system must be maintained. Hydro-peroxides in top tech 14 UV light systems differ in this respect.

Superoxide ions

Recent research has shown that a particular type of top tech 14 UV light can increase the production of superoxide ions. This type of ion can be produce in the plant’s cells by stimulating the roots with PEF. In addition, studies have shown that superoxide ions stable compared to other NAIs. Therefore, it also used as an antioxidant for many biological applications.

The chemiluminescent reactions caused by superoxide can enhance sensitivity over absorbance-based methods. The most commonly used chemiluminescent dye is Lucigenin, although it must minimize its redox cycling tendency by using very low compound concentrations. The other chemiluminescent dye is Coelenterazine, a lipophilic compound not specific to superoxide.

In this study, NAI concentrations increased from a low concentration to an increase of eighty-five ions per cubic centimetre under UV lighting. This increase peaked 8 min after top tech 14 UV light but remained significantly higher than the controls. For each replicate, the researchers performed the Mann-Whitney U test. The results of the Mann-Whitney U test revealed that NAI concentrations increased under UV light significantly.

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