If you have an iPhone Xs Max and a wallet cover for your phone, you must make more room on your device for your Apple Card.

You can look through our selection of cardholder cases for your plus-sized iPhone Xs Max.

Suppose the wallet case you are carrying is overflowing with cash and cards. Compared to other folio covers, these non-folio wallet cases maintain your iPhone’s slim profile.

View the top cardholder iPhone Xs Max cases.

  1. Spigen
  2. Vena
  3. Encased
  4. Smartish
  5. Vofolen
  6. Tetovo
  7. Oddss
  8. ZVEdeng
  9. WeLoveCase
  10. Dockem

1. Spigen


Spigen is one of the leading suppliers of iPhone and iPad accessories.

The company has produced a variety of cases for Apple mobile devices.

This stylish, dual-layered cover completely protects your iPhone from damage. Because of the case’s thin profile and 0.15-inch thickness, you may put your iPhone in pockets.

To store your credit/debit cards, Spigen created a backslider; note that you can fit two cards and some cash in the sliding case. Your iPhone’s ergonomic design makes it simple to use. So you can carry it even when navigating congested city streets at rush hour.

2. Vena

Vena has developed a cardholder case with military-grade drop protection. 

Before mailing a case, Vena drops-tests it 26 times from a height of four feet. Your iPhone is shielded from jarring drops and shocks by CornerGuard, dual-layer polycarbonate, and TPU.

Your credit or debit cards can be hidden below the leather flap, which can be rolled up on the back. The leather flap may be a kickstand to watch videos, photographs, and other media. On your iPhone, you can read eBooks using this inventive kickstand.

This case has a notable feature called the magnetic auto mount. This case has metal plates built into the flap so you can install your phone on a car mount and use your iPhone while driving.

3. Encased

Encased is recognized for making durable iPhone cases. This cardholder case is as robust as the brand’s other cases. The little card slot in the wallet case, which is from the Phantom series, can accommodate up to three IDs and credit/debit cards.

Your plastic money is preferably safe inside a strong, dual-layered structure with a durable PC shell and shock-resistant TPU frame.

For screen protection, Encased offers a higher screen lip so that you may lay your iPhone face down on any flat surface. Make sure your phone functions without a hitch by checking the straightforward push buttons.

4. Smartish


The Smartish cardholder case has been heralded as the wallet-killer. And there is a solid basis for this conclusion. Your vital documents are safe inside this smart-looking case, which has protective air-pocket sides and can hold three cards and cash. You can stop worrying about your iPhone’s security since air-pocket corners act as airbags for this.

One of this case’s most remarkable features is that it can allow wireless charging. This cover was approved by Nikola Tesla and enabled wireless iPhone charging. For the second essential quality, grip, look for the textured sides that provide the best grip. While carrying your iPhone, there is no need to worry about drops.

5. Vofolen


This Vofolen wallet case is skillfully made and has room for two credit/debit cards. The slider fits in with the design of the casing so beautifully that you hardly even notice it is there. Under the slider, there is a covert card holder. You can access the case where your credit and debit cards are kept by carefully moving the slider.

Thanks to its multi-layer design, this cover protects your iPhone from scratches. In addition, because of the sliding cover and concealed card holder design, your plastic cards are safe.

Security and convenience are ensured in your daily activities.

6. Teelevo

A designer’s ability to use their imagination is challenged when the scope is constrained. This is what the designers at Teelevo did when they created an iPhone smart card holder case. Teelevo has included a card holder case and a kickstand in a space that is only 6.20′′ x 3.05′′ x 0.30′′.

Given the size of the iPhone Xs Max, users enjoy watching videos and reading eBooks on it. Therefore, there is a slim probability that they will also purchase a kickstand when they purchase a cardholder case. Unexpectedly, Teelevo has made it easy to add a kickstand for the device to rest against.


A case maker may, in exceptional circumstances, produce a clear case with a cardholder. Oddss designed a transparent card holder case with a marble pattern to take things a step further. This TPU case, which is extremely flexible and slender and can withstand a lot of twisting and bending, is made to last. Your case is the most fashionable on the list because of the distinctive marble design that sets it apart from the competition.

However, is there any real strength behind it? The opposite! This case is the ideal protection for your high-end gadget because Oddss added sufficient muscle. Easy installation and removal are made possible by the flexible and soft TPU rim.



The cardholder case by ZVEdeng appears to be relatively thin, but it has space for up to 12 credit or debit cards. Thanks to its flexible elastic webbing, which enables maximum card capacity. ZVEdeng provides a soft TPU structure for your device’s protection that deflects shock and other impacts from drops and bumps.

ZVEdeng has a protective raised bezel to provide the best screen and camera protection. Additionally, this case provides your iPhone’s sides and back with the highest level of protection against drops and harsh impacts.



Prepare to have your iPhone Xs Max completely protected. WeLoveCase offers a premium iPhone card holder case that protects your smartphone from all sides. Advanced three-level protection has been implemented in this case by WeLoveCase. A hybrid device that has an impact-resistant PC back, a soft inner TPU rubber bumper, and a scratch-resistant PC front frame. All three layers protect your gadget from drops, scratches, and shocks.

A secret wallet containing up to two credit/debit cards should be checked. It adds a small amount of bulk to your device, even if it stores two cards. In addition, this case contains a concealed mirror for women to use for daily cosmetics.

10. Dockem


Dockem is one of the leading producers of iPhone cases. A built-in invisible metal plate that is provided for magnetic mounting is present in this cardholder enclosure. So while you are driving, you can set your smartphone on the magnetic mount. Synthetic leather in the canvas design gives off a beautiful, polished appearance.

To carry your credit or debit cards, Dockem includes two distinct card slots. You can charge your iPhone wirelessly thanks to Dockem’s placement of the metal plate at the top of the device. You may rely on the metal plate for Qi charging.

In conclusion!

A cardholder case is the most practical iPhone accessory for anyone who travels. So make the most of the wallet case you buy by keeping all your necessary cards.

The wallet cases above have two uses: protect your phone and hold your credit and debit cards.


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