The IOS emulator is software that helps you run iPhone and iPad applications or games on your computer, for testing applications or simply to experience the game. In this article, I will introduce to you some useful iOS emulators. Depending on your intended use in application programming, application testing, or simply want to experience iOS games on your computer, you can choose for yourself an appropriate software.

1. iPadian iPhone Emulator

iPadian iPhone Emulator is an iOS emulator with a beautiful interface, high stability and allows users to easily manipulate iOS data, so it is used by the majority of iOS experts for development and testing. new programs.

Outstanding Features With iPadian iPhone Emulator software, you can Emulate the iOS operating system on your computer. Help you play games, run iOS applications smoothly. The software allows you to simulate the interface of iOS programs with high similarity. Helps you access the App Store for free, moreover, there are many iOS versions from old to new for users to experience. This software also helps you install more specialized applications for iOS, can manipulate iOS data, and especially, it has a free version.

Released by iPadian, the iPadian iPhone Emulator app is 47.4 MB in size, making it optimal on almost any computer configuration.

2. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows 7, 8, and 10. It has an interface that is quite similar to iOS, making it easy for you to test new iOS apps or games. In the upcoming major holidays, there will be many promotions offered. If you want to own a device running Apple’s iOS, order through e-commerce sites, make smart use of discount codes, coupons will help you save a lot of money when buying there. 

Air iPhone Emulator helps you check the completeness of the application, saving programmers time. This application can easily install with g IAO user-friendly interface, the simulation is quite detailed and similar to the iOS operating system. Air iPhone Emulator released by  Joe Johnston, the application weighs only 4.1MB and can easily run on any computer.

3. Smartface

Smartface is an iOS emulator dedicated to game and app developers, so they can test new apps on different iOS versions. This software provides a full range of debugging options for iOS applications, giving developers more flexibility in developing applications. However, for ordinary users, this software is still easy to use so that you can experience the iOS emulator most simply.

Currently, computers are boarding Plugins to extend the application Smartface. Smartface c provides a WYSIWYG design editor, supports text formats such as typography, alignment, links in documents, … making editing easier. Using a single Javascript source code, the Javascript library helps programmers and application developers to test applications on multiple operating systems. The special thing is that  Smartface c allows to test applications and debug them.

4. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is a software that can simulate iOS and Android environments. This software is optimized for mobile application development, so it will not be very suitable if you plan to use the emulator to play iOS games for a long time on your computer. In return, this software can run any application, game, or interface of iOS on Windows computers.

MobiOne Studio emulates both iOS and Android. With MobiOne Studio software, your computer will have an iOS interface template to make the interface design process faster. Moreover,  MobiOne Studio also supports large-scale application testing through App Sync.

5. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is a very famous iOS simulator thanks to its interface that closely follows the standard interface of iOS, along with its very high-resolution quality, allowing you to test iOS applications quite smoothly. . The only downside is that this software cannot access the App Store to download more apps.

With the iPhone Simulator application,  you will be able to experience iOS games on your Windows computer. The application supports many programming languages ​​Java, .Net, Flash, … and is especially completely free.

6. Appetize.Io

Appetize.Io is a web-based iOS emulator, which means you can use it on a web browser without having to download it. This software is suitable for you to try the iOS emulator experience to see if it is suitable for your use. However, this tool only allows you to use 100 minutes per month for free, and because it is only a demo emulator, you cannot install any applications or games on this emulator. However, you can still run tests with files ending in .zip, .tar, or .gz. You can pay to get more functions as well as a longer time to use. 

7.  Ripple Emulator

Ripple Emulator is a browser-based extension that supports the emulation of mobile environments, including iOS. The tool is designed to assist in the development and testing of HTML5 applications.  

Also, you can integrate Ripple Emulator with other tools to debug and run test scripts automatically.


Above are the top 7 top iOS emulators on Windows computers. Take advantage of discount codes, coupons to save money during the holidays to register to use with preferential prices. Hopefully, with the article, you can experience good emulator software as well as give you many advantages in working.

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