Vaccine: Washington buys $ 500 million dose of Pfizer to give to other countries (archives) – Francisco Seco / AP / SIPA

The United States Will purchase 500 million doses of vaccines
Govit-19 To donate them to other countries from Pfizer / Bioendech, The New York TimesAnd this
Washington Post.

President of the United States Joe Biden The announcement is due to be made at the G7 summit this week, citing three people familiar with the matter, according to the Washington Post.

The US president appeared to make the announcement on Wednesday, before he left for the UK. Asked if he had a strategy to distribute the vaccine around the world, he replied, “I have one, I will announce it. ”

200 million doses are being distributed this year

According to New York Times, The first 200 million dose will be distributed this year, the other 300 million will be distributed next year. The United States has come under heavy criticism in recent months for its delay in sharing its vaccine with the rest of the world. But the White House is now trying to show itself as a leader on this issue.

The United States has already announced that it will supply 80 million doses of anti-Govt vaccine overseas by the end of June. Earlier this month, Washington said 75% of those volumes would be distributed through the Covax distribution program, which is set to ensure an even distribution of vaccines, especially to low-income countries.

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