A student in the United States, Virginia Tech, has been charged with murder. He confessed to police that he beat and killed a passerby as a woman in Tinder.

A student at Virginia University of Technology in the United States is on trial for murder. He confessed to police that he beat and killed one of these American footballers, breaking all the bones in his face. The “Roanoke TimesIsmaman David Eto’o, 18, was reportedly trapped after visiting the apartment of a man he met on Tinder application in April. Online, the victim impersonated a woman and called herself Angie. After having his first “oral sex” with someone he thought was a woman, Ismaman David Eduard returned home at the end of May, for a second date.

The accused discovered that “Angie” was actually a 40-year-old man named Jerry Smith. The student, who was desperate in rage, punched him in the face and left the victim, despite being in a very bad condition. His body was found by police the next day. An autopsy revealed that the restaurant employee died of a bruise on the head. The “Ronok Times” reported that all the bones in her face were broken and her teeth were missing.

Defendant’s attorney, Jimmy Durk, told a court hearing Wednesday that “this is more than a person going to someone’s house and beating him up.” “No one deserves to die, but I have to say, don’t pretend to be someone or someone you don’t have. Don’t target or trap someone like that. It’s not possible,” he added. Ismaman David Eduard began his role on Wednesday. After which he was surrounded by relatives and members of his university team. He was released on bail after paying 75 75,000, and his next hearing is set for September 23.

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