8:49 am: “The only obstacle to economic recovery is the new relapse of the epidemic”

On PFMTV, the Economy Minister pointed out that in July, August and again the school will continue to help businesses, but in a reactionary manner. He explained that with regard to the repayment of loans guaranteed by the government, the latter should be repaid, but the government can defer repayment to help more complex companies. “We will not bring anyone down.”

“The only obstacle to economic recovery is a new relapse of the epidemic,” he said.

8:38 a.m .: 30 million vaccinated for the first time in France, the target was reached a little earlier

“The scope of the 30 million first-time vaccines is a little ahead,” Europe 1 government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced on Wednesday morning.

8:28 am: “We missed this life so much!”

Here we are! Sit at the restaurant table. Stay away from everything for a show. Vibrating uniformly in bleachers. Go back to the room … we missed this life so much! To make this recovery sustainable, we will continue to value ethics and prohibition gestures, “President Emmanuel Macron wrote on Twitter, adding that the dining halls and stadiums were reopened today but the curfew was changed until 11pm.

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7:21 am: Vaccine for adolescents: ethics group “regrets” decision speed

The National Ethics Commission (CCNE) regrets that decisions regarding the vaccination of adolescents against Govt-19 were made “too quickly” in the wake of the fall in epidemics. “Is there an absolute urgency now to start the vaccination? Can many indicators be green and the start of the September school year mark the start of the campaign?” Asks the advisory board.

The goal of collective immunity, which requires 80% to 85% of the population to be vaccinated, is “not possible” that can only be achieved by vaccinating adults. But “is it ethical to hold juveniles accountable on the basis of collective benefit for denying (or having difficulty accessing) the vaccine to a section of adults?”

7:09 a.m .: Deregulation in Melbourne

Strict restrictions will be lifted Thursday in Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, and as planned, some restrictions on Victorian state officials, travel and meetings will continue for some time to come. Extra week. Residents will have to stay within 25 miles of their homes, officials said. A total ban will be imposed on indoor meetings.

6:31 a.m .: Texas Hospital staff sued for forcing vaccination

More than a hundred employees of one of the most important hospitals in Texas have filed a lawsuit against their employer, deciding to lay off its staff against Govt-19. The Houston Methodist, the hospital team in question, had given them until Monday to prove they had received the measure.

6:14 a.m .: Epidemic shakes up ranking of the sweetest cities in the world

The epidemic has shaken the ranking of good cities to survive, thanks to declining European cities and Australia, Japan or New Zealand thanks to swift action against Kovit-19, a study has found.

According to the 2021 edition published on Wednesday, according to Osaka, Adelaide (Australia), Tokyo and Wellington (New Zealand) in Japan, Auckland concludes the culmination of the Economic Weekly’s annual study of cities that are good for living. ).).

6:01 a.m .: Washington eases travel warning to several countries, including France

One and a half months before the Olympics, the United States has eased its warning to travelers seeking to travel to several countries, including France, Germany, Canada and Japan, citing a change in the risk associated with the coveted. 19.

In India, what are the new extreme symptoms associated with delta variation?

Indian caregivers report an increase in hernia, severe bowel or hearing problems in patients with corona virus. Experts suggest that the delta may be due to variability. Our full article.

5:49 a.m .: Belgium reopens its cafes and restaurants

Cafes and restaurants in Belgium will be able to serve their customers in-house from Wednesday. The reopening was already announced on May 11 as part of a plan to phase out deregulation in the country. However, this halted the development of the corona virus cycle that led to Govit-19. Play markets or flea markets will be re-authorized. Cinemas, bowling alleys, stadiums or halls may reopen if certain ventilation criteria are met. Barriers related to delivery are also being relaxed.

How much do doctors (and others) earn to get vaccinated against Govt-19?

With great disadvantages, the best remedy: Doctors are paid within half a day of the change, but not by action, as vaccination centers are widely called. Objective: To mobilize as many people as possible and … control costs. Encryption.

5:48 a.m .: Sports halls, bars and restaurants …. T-day for new phase renovation

The curfew order was pushed to 11pm, with room service in sports halls, indoor swimming pools, bars or restaurants (half-way) … this Wednesday marks the start of the second phase of the renovation. This day marks the implementation of the Health Pass (Vaccine or Negative Tests) for events including trade shows, welcoming more than 1,000 people. Emmanuel Macron, who visited Drome on Tuesday, welcomed the “reopening of cafes and restaurants as an essential part of the art of our French life.” However, he called for “caution”.

Music Festival, Instructions for use

Cultural Festival has released the Health Protocol for the 2021 Music Festival. Curfew order at 11pm, no advanced concert, duty to sit … key points can be found here.

5:47 a.m .: Less than 14,000 patients admitted to hospital in France

The number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals in France is gradually declining. Currently, 13,984 Covid-19 patients are being treated in French hospitals. They were 14,323 the day before and more than 16,000 a week ago. The pressure is declining in the intensive care units, where the most severe cases are being treated: 2,394 patients are being treated there, up from 2,825 a week ago. Finally, in 24 hours, 72 Govt patients died at the hospital (last Tuesday 137).

What to remember from day one

  • The head of state, who travels the tram with restaurants, recalled that “the coming period should be viewed with clear confidence.”
  • Emmanuel Macron also held a meeting on June 21 to discuss the reopening of nightclubs.
  • The health protocol for Fed de la Music has been published. There will be no upgraded concerts and it will be forced to sit.
  • “The situation is there and France is heading in the right direction,” agreed Professor Delphriesi, chairman of the Science Council. However, he warned that a fourth wave was possible at the beginning of the school year.
  • French Sanctuary Lourdes 60% of the regular pilgrimages during the months of July, August and September were made up mainly by the French people.

5:45 a.m .: Hello everyone and come to this live dedicated to epidemic news.

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