The Life of Ban, Merlin, and Ruin are just four characters in The Life Of Gods – The Seven Deadly Sins. Read on to learn more about each character! We’ll cover Ban, Merlin, Ruin, Gilthunder, and more. Also, if you haven’t seen this book, check out our review of Ban. This book is a must-read for fantasy fans!


The first season of The Life Of Ban – The Ban Seven Deadly Sins begins with the two protagonists, Ban and Escanor, meeting for the first time in ten years. The two have had a rocky relationship but have recently shown signs of growing closer. When Ban threatened to attack Gowther for stealing the remains of the gray Demon, Merlin calmed him down. After Ban was frustrated with the Goat’s Sin of Lust, Merlin stopped Ban from destroying the gray Demon’s remains. Although Ben does not recall the events surrounding the fight with Escanor, they have shown interest in one another’s abilities.

Elaine’s death devastated Ban, who spent four years in prison to overcome the tragedy. The episode starts with Ban reviving Elaine and then reveals that his cooperation with the Sins is just a distraction from his grief over the death of his wife. Ban explains that he only wanted to revive Elaine to distract him from the pain of losing his wife. In the second episode, Ban fights the Sins in the Fairy King’s Forest, and he kills Meliodas. In addition, Ban battles Escanor and Galand, and then he and Elaine return to the Fairy King’s Forest.


Merlin is a mysterious woman, and many people have trouble understanding what she is looking for. When the Ten Commandments were released, she expressed excitement over their freedom. She later said she was interested in the powers of Escanor and the mysteries it holds. She also takes an interest in various Demons, though even they have trouble understanding her. Ultimately, she becomes the happiest Demon of them all.

Gowther is a member of the Deadly Sins. He bears the sin of Lust. His tattooed goat symbol is a symbol of his sexuality. Gowther is an androgynous bookworm. He previously wore the massive armor Merlin wore to stabilize his power. However, he is emotionally cold and socially awkward. He often performs questionable acts.


In this sequel to The Godfather, Ruin in The Life Of Ban, the cult of the sins returns in a new, exciting chapter. After years of being cursed and ruled by the devil, Ban has been allowed to redeem himself and save his beloved Elaine. Ban joins the other Sins in a final battle against the devil and his evil minions. In the end, Ban defeats Meliodas and frees Elaine. This sequel to the first film, Ruin in The Life Of Ban – The Seven Deadly Sins, continues with a brand new chapter, and fans are sure to see this new chapter in the series.

After defeating the Gray Demon, Ruin goes on to save Elizabeth from the Baste Dungeon. However, he is not alone, as a young woman named Freesia joins the group. She also helps the Seven Deadly Sins defeat the Ten Commandments. However, she is eventually defeated by Diane and goes into hiding. As a result, she is captured by villagers who serve the Demons, and they attack her, pinning her to the ground. She is then eaten by Fraudrin, who turns out to be the soul of Ruin.


In The Life Of Ban – The Seven Deadliest Sins, Gilthunder was a young boy who admired the Seven Deathly Sinners. He wanted to kill them to get revenge and prove his superiority. Even though he is now a monster, he still admires Meliodas and considers him his hero. Gilthunder would die to get revenge on the Seven Deadly Sinners if given a chance.

In The Life Of Ban – The Seven Deathly Sinnations, a deposed princess seeks out the evil knights to restore her kingdom. When Holy Knights murder her father, Princess Elizabeth is forced to find the Seven Deadly Sinners to restore the kingdom. She meets a former knight at a pub and joins his quest to reunite a band of cavaliers. However, while overthrowing tyrants, she encounters Gilthunder, who plants a sword in the town center. Only Meliodas can remove the sword.


The Life of Ban follows Elaine, a fairy, and her relationship with the human King. Elaine shares Ban’s power to fly and levitate. Like the King, she also has different powers, such as the power to control the wind. She first learned about humans and their malice when she worked as the Holy Maiden at the Fountain of Youth. Elaine is also capable of reading the mind of others and can control the wind.

After Ban’s death, Elaine watches over him in the afterlife. She knows the events of the world after her last sight of him. She witnesses Ban’s relationship with Jericho and Gerheade’s attempts to imprison him in the forest forever. Elaine spends her every waking moment watching for Ban. Her strong bond with Ban helps her survive despite her deteriorating condition.


The Sacred Weapon of a Seven-Deadly-Sin character, Courechouse, is a weapon that a character can use to increase their power. Its Super Concentration ability allows it to extend chains and bend them at any angle. While the power comes from the weapon itself, it does seem like it was made for Ban. It is not entirely clear how the Sacred Weapon of a Seven-Deadly-Sins character came.

During the disbanding of the Seven Deadly Sins, the evil Ban stole the staff, symbolizing power and authority. The staff was later returned to Courechouse by Merlin in the final battle against the Demon King. Despite its importance, the power it brings to its users is unknown. However, it is a tool that should not be discarded unchecked.


Greed is one of the seven deadly sins. The Fox in the video game Greed in the Life of Ban embodies this sin. Ban is a lean, almost seven-foot-tall character with white hair who was born a fox. Ban tries to drink from the Fountain of Youth but fails when he learns about the consequences of his actions. He has fallen in love with Elaine and devotes himself to bringing her back to him. In the game, Ban’s Sacred Treasure is the Holy Rod Courechouse, a rod of steel with an acrylic coating.

Once Ban meets Meliodas, he is surprised to find that the young woman completely smites him. Ban then goes to a bar with the other Sins to drink. Hendrickson and Dreyfus then talk to Ban, who is now drunk. Ban then passes out after a night out. He then meets with Meliodas, and the two engage in arm wrestling. They both destroy the Baste Dungeon in the process. Later, they meet King Oslo, who invites them to the Capital of the Dead.


Equality 7-2521 and Ban are both members of the Seven Deadly Sins. While their relationship is questionable, they have shown to be tolerant of one another. In a later scene, Ban calms down Diane after she threatens to attack Gowther because of the Goat’s Sin of Lust’s lack of empathy. He also stops Ban from destroying the gray Demon’s remains. Although their relationship is somewhat tense, it has been implied that the two are interested in each other’s abilities.

Throughout the game, Ban displays altruism and compassion towards others. He takes Veronica hostage to free Meliodas, but he keeps her away from Diane. He also accompanies Meliodas and Gowther on a rescue mission to rescue Elizabeth, and he even abandons his original mission to kill him to finish the rescue mission. Ban shows genuine concern and shock for his friend. He also admires Elizabeth’s healing abilities.


The character Meliodas has the appearance of a child and is about three thousand years old, although he is an ancient hero. He has messy blond hair and emerald eyes but no facial hair. He is muscular, with well-developed abdominal muscles. His uniform includes a white button-front shirt, black sleeveless vest, loose-fitting tie, and black boots.

Despite his outward calmness, Meliodas is prone to violent outbursts. He is particularly angry when one of his friends is harmed. He will also get enraged when someone tries to steal his sword. While this rage may scar Holy Knights, it also leaves a scar on Ban’s neck. While his appearance in the show is often a highlight, it is not his greatest virtue.

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