The first full-length trailer for Hugh Jackman’s new animated series Koala Man has been release by Hulu. The new series, set in Jackman’s native Australia, features Kevin, played by Michael Cusack, a middle-aged dad who tries to covertly fight the small-time crime in his suburban town under the guise of the titular alter-ego. Along with co-creator of Solar Opposites and Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland, and writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit of Pok√©mon: Detective Pikachu, Cusack also created the series.

Now that the whole season one teaser has been made available on YouTube, Hulu subscribers can finally get a taste of Koala Man after it was first announced in early 2021. The first season of the original adult animated series, which stars Kevin, a regular guy who decides to become the superhero of his little town, is hint at in the trailer. The trailer is provided below.

What is Known About Koala Man

What is Known About Koala Man

Koala Man has had a long road to its distribution on small screens before the highly anticipated series’ debut. Following the main character’s debut in the Australian comedy anthology Fresh Blood, Hulu picked up an eight-episode order for the project in early 2021, which led to the initial announcement of Koala Man. Creator Cusack worked with Bento Box Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, the team behind the Hulu adult cartoon series Rick and Morty, and showrunners Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit to create the next series.

The Koala Man cast is stack with A-list talent, including John Cusack in the major role. As Kevin’s boss and the most well-known person in their village of Dapto, Big Greg is voice by Jackman, who is making his debut in a recurring role in an animate series. Other well-known Australian actresses lend their voices to the show, including Sarah Snook from Succession as Kevin’s wife and Demi Lardner as Kevin’s crafty and scheming daughter, Alison.

The amusing idea suggests that Cusack, best known for co-creating YOLO: Crystal Fantasy and Smiling Friends for Adult Swim, will have another hilarious hit. The latest Koala Man trailer shows that as his desire to protect his city leads to an adventure that becomes as difficult as it is ridiculous, the stakes will rise for the unusual suburban self-described superhero. Koala Man’s first season’s first eight episodes will be available on Hulu on Monday, January 9.

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