Any fan of the James Bond franchise’s humorous side will appreciate the news that Aaron Taylor-Johnson has emerged as the new contender for Bond 26. Throughout the franchise, the tones of the James Bond films have changed frequently. Sean Connery’s successor, Roger Moore, pushed the role of James Bond in a more expansive, silly, and overtly humorous direction than his predecessor. At the same time, Timothy Dalton returned the character to a more grounded, self-serious setting.

Although Daniel Craig’s James Bond was the gritty, least-fun version of the character so far, the next actor to portray 007 would rectify this decision to prevent the franchise’s tone from becoming overly formulaic. In light of this, it is encouraging to learn that Aaron Taylor meeting Johnson with the James Bond franchise’s creators went quite well. After Craig’s brooding period made the 007 franchise darker and tonally heavier than the movies ever were before his debut, Bond could use Taylor-humorous Johnson’s action star prowess.

Bond Would Benefit From Aaron Taylor-Comedy Johnson’s Action Movie Pedigree

Bond Would Benefit From Aaron Taylor-Comedy Johnson's Action Movie Pedigree

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has demonstrated his ability to blend punchlines and punchlines in the Kick-Ass series, Bullet Train, and even Marvel films. With Daniel Craig leaving the franchise, Bond 26 needs to be entertaining, and Taylor-Johnson has repeatedly shown that he can make fun of himself while also pulling off credible action roles. Taylor-Johnson is lucky to be a good fit for Bond in terms of age and appearance, as this is a difficult balance for any actor to achieve. Even though Ryan Gosling has demonstrated great comic skills throughout the years, he may not possess the necessary English accent for the role.

RegĂ©-Jean Page has also shown he has smoldering sex appeal, but the young actor is still relatively inexperienced as an action movie leading man. He hasn’t had many opportunities to display his comic timing. While Tom Hardy, a former front-runner for the role of Bond, has Taylor-acting Johnson’s talent, action movie pedigree, and captivating humor, the actor’s star power works against him. Taylor-Johnson, who is only 32 years old and has established himself as a popular action star, hasn’t starred in many big-budget films. Hardy previously had lead roles in two big franchises, which could be a problem given that the franchise’s creators have declared that the next 007 actor needs to commit to the role for at least ten years.

Why the new 007 in Bond 26 Needs a Sense of Humor

Why the new 007 in Bond 26 Needs a Sense of Humor

For the new Bond films to blend in with the tonal landscape of contemporary blockbusters, James Bond needs to reclaim his sense of humor. The grim tone of Craig’s violent Bond debut, Casino Royale, complemented the post-9/11 blockbuster environment when it debuted in theatres. Since Craig first played the role of 007, blockbusters, especially action films and spy thrillers, have evolved to be more enjoyable and self-aware. For Bond 26 to stand a chance against films like Fast and Furious, it must be a pleasant prospect. The new James Bond in Bond 26 must be able to laugh and kick ass, which Aaron Taylor-Johnson has shown he can do.

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