Check out the top 10 ad-free torrent search engines that work perfectly today. Al though there are popular sites, like The Pirate Bay, where you can find torrents of all kinds, these are often blocked and in some cases, they end up closing.

For this reason, it is best to use sites that work like the “Google” of torrents. That is, search engines that index torrents from different websites.

Best torrent search engines

  1. Dirty Torrents:

Dirty Torrents is a free, ad-free metasearch engine that collects torrents from different sites, displays them, and links to them. When doing a search, you can choose to show only torrents from movies, TV shows, apps, games, audio, or adult content.

Likewise, since they do not host any torrent, they claim to have no problems with the DMCA. Well, they are not a torrent tracker, but they work in the same way as Google.

  1. is a website with a minimalist interface and no ads. Here you can search for torrents on a wide range of popular sites and private trackers, such as The Pirate Bay, 1337x, RARBG, among others.

When you enter their website you will see a graph with search trends and a list of categories. From here it is possible to add or remove the sites where you want to search. Also, they have proxies to unblock Pirate Bay, RARBG, YTS, 1337x, Torrentz2, and more blocked torrent sites.

  1. Torrent-Paradise:

Torrent-Paradise is a decentralized search engine with over a million torrents indexed. Because it uses IPFS technology, a copy of the site and the entire index can be distributed as a torrent, making the site impossible to close.

Also, this innovative site is ad-free and new torrents are automatically added every day via DHT (Distributed Hash Table). Of course, the results may take a few seconds to appear. Be patient!

  1. Digbt:

With a distraction-free interface, DIGBT is one of the best torrent search engines that use the Bit Torrent DHT protocol to search for nodes that distribute a torrent.

By not storing any content or being a tracker, Digbt is completely legal. Well, all it does is collect torrent metadata (such as file names and sizes) and magnet links.

  1. TorrentSeeker:

TorrentSeeker is another minimalist torrent search engine where the only thing you will see when entering is the search bar. Although, as a disadvantage, it didn’t show you the size, neither the seeders nor the leechers of the torrent.

Unlike free torrent download sites, Torrent Seeker is ad-free. In addition, it claims to frequently update its index of torrent and proxy sites, including Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, RARBG, and 1337 x, among others.

  1. Snowfl:

Snowfl allows you to search for torrents by setting some search filters, such as torrent age, seeds, size, and NSFW, and more. In the search results, you can choose to go to the site where the torrent is hosted or copy the magnetic link.

Unlike other sites, Snowfl has a single ad banner at the top, which is not intrusive at all. In addition, it has a night mode for those who are bothered by the white light of the screen.

  1. Xtorx:

Xtorx calls itself the fastest torrent search engine in the world. And it is not for less, because as soon as you enter a search term, the site quickly returns the most reliable results of the most popular torrent sites.

In addition, in Xtorx you will not be able to download any file or copy any magnet link. Well, any result takes you to the site where the torrent is located. And although it does not have search filters, it should be noted that the web is completely free of ads.

  1. Solid Torrents:

Solid Torrents is a privacy-focused search engine with over 20 million torrents embedded. As if that weren’t enough, hundreds of torrents are discovered every hour and made available for search purposes.

Unlike other sites, Solid Torrents not only allows you to obtain the magnet links but also to download the torrent files online. To do this, it makes use of the free service, which caches torrent files online. As a disadvantage, it has some ad banners embedded within the site.

  1. Zooqle:

With over 4 million torrents indexed, Zooqle collects data automatically, without human input. In fact, torrent files are cached and generated on the fly from publicly available information stored in the DHT cloud.

And although there are no annoying advertisements on the site, when you click somewhere within the site you may be redirected to certain advertising pages.

  1. Academic Torrents:

As its name implies, Academic Torrents is an academic repository for downloading research papers, courses, and huge data sets for researchers via torrents.

That means that on this website, where more than 44 TB of data has been shared, you will not be able to download music, games, or movies torrents. Still, it is a good option to find and share free documents and courses.

Bonus: Bit Che (a torrent search engine for Windows):

Bit Che is not a website, but a free software to search for torrents in Spanish from a large list of sites. With this program for Windows, you will be able to save the torrents, copy the magnet links and preview the file details.

When doing a search, Bit Che will show you the size, seeds, clients, source, and date of the torrent. Al though yes, since it is clearly a search engine, you will need a torrent manager to download the files, such as uTorrent Web.


This has been our selection of the best torrent search engines that you should start using as alternatives to Kickass Torrents and other closed or blocked sites.

And is that why search for torrents in a single site if you can search in several at the same time? In addition, thanks to the fact that they do not host any files, they will hardly be forced to close at some point. What do you think about this list? Would you add any other site? We read you in the comments. Don’t just go ahead and download the first torrent you see. Use a trusted platform from our best torrent sites list, and always do this only after taking the right security measures.

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