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In Paris, Marseille and Lyon, on Tuesday, June 15, we skipped school to get the first dose of Pfizer-Bioentech. The day is marked, everywhere in France, The vaccine is open to children 12 years of age and older, The potential target of 3.5 million adolescents expected by the government to achieve joint immunity.

Constance Neltner. A middle school student at 6, 14e There is arrondissement in Paris “Dry” To go there In the vaccine installed at the Parc des Expositions in Borde de Versailles, the cows of the agricultural exhibition or the limousines of the Paris Motor Show are usually paraded. “It simply came to our notice then. Caroline, her mother rushes to clarify. We are one of the pioneers! “

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Not far from there, at Vitrolos (Poochs-du-Rone) near Marseille, Tristan is not a little proud: “I was the first person in my college to be vaccinated. ” Skateboard T-shirt, glasses and long hair, the 13-year-old was the youngest to meet Tuesday. The world. Student in 4the, With his mother Sandrine Savino, but says he made this decision “Alone”. “It’s important for joint immunity, to help you get back to life before this”, Tristan explains.

Constance Neltner, 14, and his mother Caroline in front of the vaccination center in Porto de Versailles. At the entrance, a firefighter counts the candidates.Constance Neltner, 14, and his mother Caroline in front of the vaccination center in Porto de Versailles. At the entrance, a firefighter counts the candidates.

When we ask Constance why she insisted on getting the vaccine from day one, she turns to her mother: “There is no fourth wave at the beginning of the school year to go on holiday and prevent the virus. “

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3 in 15 year old Bianca Escofiere 15 in collegee Paris’ arrondissement and the harsh “crop top” also enclose in parentheses amendments to patents for handcuffing by firefighters who manage the center of Porto de Versailles: “Super, very fast, nothing felt. So I hope I don’t have a coward.” “It’s important for everyone to play the game to finish it once”, His mother creates Victoria, who is younger, and promises to return soon with 11.

Adolescents must be accompanied by at least one parent (and not necessarily the mother) to be vaccinated. But their consent is also required. “If he didn’t agree, I wouldn’t have pushed him.” Promises to the mother of Alexandre, 16. A high school student at a company in 15e District of the capital. The person involved is a serious student and a reasonable citizen: “It is important to get vaccinated to prevent the spread of Govt. The sooner you do it the better. “

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