Movies are a huge part of our culture. They can take us to different places and periods, and they’re a great way to escape reality for a little while. But every once in a while, a movie comes along that messes with our expectations. And that’s what happened with Teen Wolf season 5—the show jumped forward in time, following the events of the movie instead of continuing from where the previous season left off. Now, some fans are calling for the show to be canceled because of this change, but we think there may be another reason why this time jump doesn’t work. In this article, we will explore why Teen Wolf’s time jump doesn’t work and then consider whether or not it makes sense from a storytelling perspective.

It’s difficult to believe a 15-year time jump in the Teen Wolf movie.

When the Teen Wolf movie was announce, one of the major sticking points was the fact that it would jump 15 years into the future. This created a lot of confusion, and many fans were worried that Scott would be an old man by the time the movie came out. Thankfully, things turned out okay in the end – Scott is still just a teenager in this timeline. But how did they manage to pull off this time jump without making too much sense? Here’s what you need to know.

For Scott to have aged so much over 15 years, there had to be some kind of reset button involve. In other words, when Teen Wolf jumps forward in time, everything needs to stay the same for him as far as his life goes – his relationships, his school experiences…all of it. So when he jumps back, all those memories need to be reinstated and updated so that he looks like he’s been home-schooled for 15 years instead of going to public school. It sounds arduous and complex, but it works well – because we see all these continuity errors in movies like Back To The Future and Jurassic World that make us question how they pulled it off. Plus, we’re not exactly privy to all the behind-the-scenes information on Teen Wolf, so there’s always room for error!

Why Did the Teen Wolf Movie Need a Time Jump?

Teen Wolf was one of the most popular shows on MTV back in the day, and with good reason. The show was exciting, adventurous, and full of action. So when it came to a movie adaptation, fans were understandably psych. Unfortunately, the time jump that the film went through didn’t quite work out that well. While some aspects of the movie are still enjoyable, the time jump makes it difficult to connect with the characters on an emotional level.

However, there is a really good reason for this time jumps. The show was originally intend to be a trilogy, and as such, it would have been too short if everything had taken place in chronological order. The time jump made sense from that perspective… but unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well on an individual movie level.

So what happened? When Scott (Tyler Posey) first turned into a werewolf in Season 1 of the TV show, he wasn’t exactly sure what was going on or how to control his powers. As a result, much of Season 1 focuses on Scott learning about himself and his wolf form while trying to stay safe from his enemies. Once he becomes more familiar with his abilities and how to use them effectively, Season 2 moves on to developing Scott’s relationships with his friends as they all fight together against various threats.

In contrast, the movie completely ignores these character developments in favor of jumping straight into Season 3, where Scott is already an experienced werewolf and has formed close relationships with

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