Do you want to know what a tall platform bed is and the features of a tall bed? Here we are to tell you all the things about it. Its simplicity, durability, and range of styles make it a popular choice. You can use them with any mattress. As soon as you’ve found the perfect mattress, you’ll need a sturdy frame to keep it in place. When mattresses are not adequately supported, they sag and wear out quickly.

What are the features of a Tall platform bed?

 Tall platform bed - Unique Bed Designs 2022

There is no need for a box spring or foundation in platform beds, which have a slatted or solid surface. With a platform bed, you will not be required to purchase a separate support system for your mattress. Your bed will be shorter if you don’t use a foundation or box spring. Bed frames with platform bases are typically between 6 and 18 inches tall, with a lower profile than other types.


Solid platform beds may have no legs or legs and a flat solid or slatted surface, or they may have four legs and no legs. Solid platform beds are versatile since almost all mattress types can be used. If the mattress doesn’t find the support it needs, it will decompress faster. With their solid or slatted surface, platform bed frames are an excellent choice for supporting any mattress.


What are the types of a Tall platform beds?

 Tall platform bed - Unique Bed Designs 2022

There are several platform beds, including Traditional, upholstered, storage, floating surface, and metallic.

Traditional Wood Platform Bed

There is typically no headboard or footboard on a classic platform bed. A bed frame is usually a simple construction of wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or particleboard. Those who live in studios or small apartments with limited space will benefit from a classic style.

Storage Space Platform Bed

Storage is a common feature of many platform beds. A platform bed with storage drawers is a good choice if your bedroom is small, but you need more sleeping surfaces.


Beds with headboards and footboards

As platform beds have become increasingly popular, headboards and footboards have been added. You may want to consider wooden headboards and footboards if you want a more regal look. In more oversized bedrooms, platform beds with headboards and footboards enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal.

Platform Beds With Storage Drawers

The floating platform bed appears to float above the ground due to its name. A rectangular structure in the centre of the mattress is held by a plank made of wood, particleboard, or MDF. If you observe the extended plank from afar, you will not see the support structure. That makes the sleeping surface appear to float.

Upholstered Platform Bed

The contemporary and modern decor will benefit from upholstered platform beds. Various colours are available for the upholstery. Vibrant hues like pink, red, gold, and blue and more subtle colours like beige, cream, and grey. If you choose an upholstered platform bed, you can even choose a headboard in a coordinating colour. Children’s rooms can also benefit from colourful upholstered platform beds.

Surfaces types of Platform beds

Having a platform bed means that you can place a mattress directly on it without placing a box spring or foundation underneath. These bed frames can be paired with a box spring or foundation if you want to increase the height of your bed. Consider the amount of space available when placing a mattress foundation on a platform bed. Platform beds with headboards may not have enough space for tall mattresses and foundations. Metal, wooden, and slatted platform beds are popular.

Metal Surface

Metallic surface platform beds are not very popular because foam mattresses are hard to use. There’s also the possibility that the rails may sag the foam, making it sag.

Solid Surface

There are usually tiny holes or channels in solid surfaces made out of wood, particleboard, or MDF. These holes and channels allow air to move underneath the mattress. Your bed may feel firmer with a solid base rather than a slatted one.

Slatted Surface

You can choose wood, particleboard, composite or plastic materials for the slats. Two to two and a half to two and a half inches apart will provide the best support. Their main characteristics are rigidity and straightness, but they can bend and bow outward to counteract the weight of the mattress and the sleeper. Closely spaced slats provide an airy foundation.

Advantages of Platform beds

Platform beds are more affordable than other beds because they don’t need additional mattress supports. There is storage under the bed, so they are multifunctional. There are many mattresses available for platform beds. Surfaces with holes or slats promote airflow and enhance the breathability of mattresses.


Final Thoughts

There are different types of modern platform beds. You save more money by choosing a platform bed than buying an entire bed set. There is also extra storage space on platform beds. Platform beds are popular because they can accommodate all types of mattresses.

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