Sandra Oh played Cristina in Grey’s Anatomy for ten seasons, but in an interesting twist, she didn’t do an audition for the part yet still got it. Oh was consider and allow to audition when writer Shonda Rhimes audited performers for the pilot episode in 2005, but he quit before the audition took place. Nevertheless, she was given the part and portrayed the adored character for ten years.

In a recent interview, Sandra Oh discussed how she obtained the role of Cristina (via Vanity Fair). A pilot episode was all that existed when Rhimes began seeking for performers to star in the Grey’s Anatomy pilot in 2005. Even when ABC’s executives finally ordered more of the show, it was just for a six-episode season. Oh had already been in several television movies and was frequently getting cast, but she had not yet land her major break-out role. By chance, Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy became one of her most well-known characters.

The reason Sandra Oh’s managers instructed her to leave the audition


Sandra Oh


Oh arrived early to work on the Cristina Yang character with Rhimes before going to the audition for the part. However, prior to the audition, her management contacted and instructed her to leave since they believed ABC would not be able to give Oh the deal she deserved. Rhimes had watched her perform as Cristina while they were workshopping the character, even though she had left before the audition had officially started. Oh added that although she initially said no, “Shonda said I want her.” Oh earned the contract she deserve by initially declining the part, and her dedication and preparation led to her being cast in Grey’s Anatomy.

What would have happened if Sandra Oh hadn’t been on Grey’s Anatomy

Along with Meredith Grey, the show’s namesake, Cristina Yang was one of the most significant characters. Prior to Cristina moving to Switzerland to support Oh’s exit from the show, the character was Meredith’s closest friend. Cristina was a superb surgeon and a career-focused, competitive person. Oh received five consecutive Emmy nods for her portrayal of Cristina. She portrayed a significant role, and her performance significantly contributed to the show’s success.

Since she was still learning to say no to things to receive what she deserved, Oh stated she is “eternally thankful” to her team for urging her to go. I have to deliberately concentrate on how to advance my profession, Oh stated. When a role “didn’t match up to where (she) wanted to be,” she was prepare to decline it. Sandra Oh joined Grey’s Anatomy on her terms after deciding to leave because she recognized her value and made the right decision.

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