As it is always said, humans are a collection of their beliefs. These beliefs are what determine how we act, think, and feel. Whenever we believe the wrong kinds of things, we end up in disaster. And when we have the right belief, then we’ll flourish.

Note that this goes for any kind of belief, whether it’s a religious belief, political, or philosophical. As someone who wants to be successful, you need to recognize which inner beliefs that can affect your decision-making. You need this so you can adjust accordingly.

Mr. Samuel Onuha happens to be an entrepreneur and a well-known online retailer. He is a Dutch businessman who has made a name for himself in the online world. He is a young businessman who is committed to helping other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success as he shares his knowledge and experience with everyone. Onuha is a prolific risk-taker, and in this article, he shares how his belief system has helped him grow in business.

One good thing about Onuha that has made him a successful businessman is his beliefs. These beliefs have made him make impulsive decisions and execute business ideas quickly. As you read on, you will agree that his beliefs can help you to increase your chances of succeeding. According to Samuel Onuha, having these beliefs doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. The surprising thing is that I also make mistakes.

Averagely, about 80% of all my risks have to turn out to be good, while the rest turn out bad. But one thing that has always made me go on in business is my belief system.

My Belief System That Has Improved My Life In The Last 5 Years

As said before, your belief system determines a significant portion of your life. These beliefs inform your decision-making, they dictate how you react to people and circumstances. They can also affect how you interact with other people around you.

Note that some beliefs can make you a more successful entrepreneur. These are beliefs that have the power to empower you, drive you to work harder, and allow you to make better decisions while you resist obstacles.

Belief #1: I can find a solution no matter the circumstances

As you know, building a business isn’t easy. Many things will go wrong along the way. Business people who believe that they have all it takes to change any situation will always win. It is this belief that makes me stay calm in difficult situations and makes me focus on finding a solution instead of freaking out.

Belief #2: Respect for self and others

I have always believed that respect for one’s self and others is essential in business. It has enabled me to treat and respect individuals, especially my staff. I try to appreciate their efforts and relate effectively to my family and community. The respect I have for myself and others frees me from the obstacles of low self-esteem, hopelessness, and anger.

Belief #3: I believe in risk-taking

I love taking risks, but note that business people are not extreme risk-takers. We make a clear analysis of the risks we take and the opportunities that will emerge regarding the risk. Once I notice that the potential rewards far outweigh the risks, then I will take it.

One of my favorite stories that show this belief is how Richard Branson approached the start of Virgin Air. Richard Branson leased his first planes in a way that will make him return the planes at no extra cost that is if his business plan failed.

Mr. Onuha said he is not scared of taking risks. But he doesn’t expose himself to unnecessary risk, especially if he can avoid it. This shows that Samuel Onuha doesn’t enjoy risky situations, but he accepts them as a necessary part of the process to improve his life and business.

Belief #4: Trust

Trust as you know is an indispensable part of business growth. Trust, which is a result of compassion, reliability, and gentleness, is what permits me to overcome selfishness, mistrust, and ruthlessness as my business deals with employees, vendors, and customers.

Belief #5: Hard work pays off

Every successful business person knows and believes that hard work pays off. We are not afraid to put hours, weeks, months, or even years of hard work into our business. This is because business people have faith that the outcome will be valuable someday.

As you know, the vital difference here with successful business people is that we can envision and embrace long-term payoffs. I call it delayed gratification, which is also known as the hallmark of human intelligence.

Belief #6: Generosity

To direct the management and operations of my business, I have to be generous. As you know, generosity comes from supporting and leading others. This is what permits me to eliminate racial bias, helps me also to minimize resistance to change, and heal dysfunctions within my business.

Belief #7: Honesty

As a businessman who wants to succeed, I have to be honest in financing the company and managing my business assets. It is this honesty that comes from decisiveness in taking risks and making choices that allow me to avoid false security and stay calm during confusing situations.

Belief #8: Humility in learning

I believe in humility. This belief teaches me that no matter how long I spent in school, how many courses I took or how many years I’ve spent in my business, there’s always something new I can learn from others. This belief has made me stay sharp throughout my entrepreneurial journey, and it has made me a step ahead of my competitors.


According to Mr. Samuel Onuha, for you to succeed in anything you do, you will need to build these self-belief systems. However, this may require you to change the way you see the world.

Though it’s difficult to redefine your belief system, especially when you already have an assumption that is hard-wired into your brain. However, if you can put these beliefs in your internal systems of philosophy, then you’ll stand a better chance of becoming a successful business person. click here.

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