Run your way to fitness is the short key for healthy life. Do you wonder where the brave young man who could eat or drink anything without a pound has gone? Has “maybe tomorrow” become your mantra when you think of taking action? Or have you accepted with regret that I am now and you are too set and busy to change?

Let me tell you – it was not you who made the right choice. It’s not easy and if you want to feel successful then there is nothing. There are a lot of promises about an important diet or just do this one exercise and you will look like the picture, it is not true. I am sorry to say that this requires time, effort and, above all, mental discipline.

Six years ago I reached 83.5 kg, which was the heaviest weight I ever had and at the age of 44 it was becoming difficult to change. The only problem was that I found it difficult to persuade myself to go. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aren’t for me either, Looks like BT aren’t for me either, looks like BT aren’t for me either, looks like BT aren’t for me either, how much extra money did I waste before canceling? You can also pay someone to write my paper if you have assigned an online assignment regarding health issues in cheap rates. Does that story sound familiar?

Why not try running? This is very exciting and it starts you running and walking until you reach the 5Km target. With 3 scheduled runs per week, it increases walking time while walking. The next step is the 5km Park Run, a global mobilization organization. At 7am on Saturday, people of all ages, sizes and abilities gather on the starting line. They track your progress and publish the results later this morning. You can keep track of PBs and how you compete.

After running for a while with the park run, the next step is to enter an organized event. They are well organized and have different distances to sign up. This is an ideal opportunity to try 10 km. You have a set date for the goal and can upgrade your training accordingly. The feeling you get after beating 10 km is extraordinary. What’s next? You can enter more events in an effort to beat your best 10km time, but what about the half marathon? When you do these events, you’ll see half marathon runners come in and think, “I can do this.” And you can, that’s another goal. It will require some more training but you will get there. How Many Bottles of Water Should I Drink a Day Remember that you are the only person you are competing against, and you did not come here just to get it.

Why do you need to stretch before exercising?

Stretching is an essential part of every exercise program, especially mobility stretch because flexibility is considered to be one of the five most important components of one’s fitness, it should be included in all regular Run your way to fitness and training systems and Here are the main reasons:

Reduce the risk of injury

  1. When a person is flexible, it reduces the risk of injury from wide movements and allows you to safely increase your joint mobility and range of motion.
  2. Stretching helps prevent your joints and muscles from sagging.
  3. The process of stretching your muscles relaxes and prepares the body for the effects of exercise. This reduces the chances of any injury. A strong muscle that is already stretched is able to withstand stress, which is better than non-stretched muscle.
  4. Stretching helps to improve a person’s posture, especially stretching the shoulders, chest and lower back. The elasticity gained by stretching the hip flexors, hamstrings and the muscles attached to the lumbar spine helps to relieve pressure on the spinal cord and lumbar nerves and reduces the chances of lower back pain.
  5. Stretching can reduce the body’s stress levels because as they get warmer, the tension in them decreases, allowing your muscles to relax more properly. Muscles that are always tense cut off most of their blood circulation, which leads to loss of appetite and loss of oxygen.
  6. Stretching helps to increase the blood supply to all parts of the body, especially the muscles and joints. It provides the nutrients needed to get to the places where it is needed quickly and efficiently.
  7. Mobility stretches improve the mechanical performance and performance of joints as it makes them more energetic, it also improves your “physical awareness” and your body’s ability to learn and perform a variety of skilled movements. I add.

After exercise stretch

  1. Stretching after exercise or fitness exercises is now considered as important as stretching before exercise. Stretching the muscles you use during your workout session helps the muscles return to their normal length, which can help relieve any possible pain or stiffness as it reduces the effect of stiffness and shortening. Which often occurs during exercise.
  2. Typically, the maintenance cycle lasts between 0 and 5 seconds and is repeated five to ten times.
  3. This is often important for women as it helps to reduce or reduce the chances of dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation).

You should avoid pulling

  1. If you have had recent bone fractures, strains, sprains or pains unless directed by your medical provider such as a physiotherapist.
  2. If you have an infection or swelling in your joints or muscles.
  3. If you have any symptoms of osteoporosis or you have gout or other forms of arthritis.
  4. If you experience any abnormal pain while moving the joints or stretching the muscles.
  5. If you suffer from any type of bold disorder or skin disease.


Run your way to fitness is very important regarding health. Running makes you fit and physically smart from every aspects and enhances the internal boost for health and make your performance better in field work. This is same like other physical activities where you engage yourself physically for more time for making more stamina.

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