It is “wonderful,” according to a restaurant owner that his establishment is listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide.

Six years ago, Jake Lowndes and his fiance Sophie Hardman founded Little Seeds in Stone, Staffordshire.

Informed them last month that the restaurant would be list among the top restaurants in more than 30 countries across three continents by Michelin.

It still hasn’t entirely dawned on Mr. Lowndes.

“Great quality regional ingredients are utilise to produce eye-catching British cuisine,” the guide’s entry on Little Seeds reads.

Mr. Lowndes mentioned the location in a Michelin social media post from December concerning eateries that had just been include in the guide.

He said it was a little strange because Little Seeds had been working its way up for years while the other locations were brand-new, high-paying openings.

It was a bizarre sensation.

Before launching Little Seeds, Mr. Lowndes worked as a chef for Stone for 15 years before moving on to work in other restaurants and earn a business degree in Manchester. Ms. Hardman also had a job in the hotel industry.

He admitted that it had been a dream to get to this point after starting from scratch six and a half years ago.

We had no financial assistance from family members besides their assistance in building the furnishings and chairs for the restaurant. All of our start-up loans were self-secure. We launched with the barest minimum of funds.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, Mr. Lowndes said there have been “many obstacles” for the hotel industry, but he hoped the Michelin designation would “boost” the restaurant.

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