One mother expressed her pride in her 11-year-old son for starting a second food bank in his community.

Isaac from Redditch, Worcestershire, started his first food bank in 2020 on their driveway to assist poor families.

His mother, Claire-Louise, claimed he opened a second on a neighboring street in response to the increasing demand from dozens of families each week.

It’s been amazing to see the food bank expand, she remarked.

Isaac claimed that the initial food bank was established “to help people,” and that the response has been “extremely good.”

His mother claimed that the benevolence of the neighborhood had assisted him in expanding from the original location, which was a greenhouse on his parents’ driveway.

I’m always regretting my words two years later because I laughed so hard when he originally claimed he’d start one, Claire-Louise remarked.

The number of people that need to come to us is quite distressing, and it’s not only people receiving benefits; it’s also people who are employed.

They received a vehicle over the summer, which, according to his mother, allowed them to move more stuff.

The second food bank opened during Christmas thanks to a shed donation, and the town’s mayor, councilor Ann Isherwood, formally inaugurated it for the family.

In addition to collecting funds, running their Facebook page, and responding to comments from people asking for help, Claire-Louise and a group of 12 volunteers said they were frequently busy.

When Isaac gets home from school, she added, “he’s frequently meeting people, gathering donations, and putting up new donation stations.” Isaac attends school throughout the day

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