According to the Russian president, Joe Biden was a “businessman” who spent his life in politics, while Donald Trump was a “talented” and “colorful” man.

A few days before the much-anticipated first summit between the two heads of state, Vladimir Putin said on Friday, June 11, that he believed US pioneer Joe Biden would be less agitated than his predecessor Donald Trump.

In an interview with the American channel NBC News, Russian President Joe BidenBusiness man“Donald Trump is a man who has spent his life in politics.”Talented“And”High color. «Even now I believe that former President Trump is an extraordinary person, otherwise he would not have been president.“, he said. “He did not come from an American institution.


Yes, there are some pros and some cons, but I believe there are no provocative maneuvers on the part of the sitting US president.

President Vladimir Putin.

According to Joe Biden, “He is radically different from Trump because President Biden is a businessman. He spent most of his adult life in politics. «Yes, there are some advantages, some disadvantages, but I am very confident that there are no more exciting maneuvers on the part of the incumbent US President.He said, according to a translation provided by NBC News.

At the summit at the end of his first international trip to Geneva on June 16. Joe Biden is expected to raise a number of US complaints against Vladimir Putin. Including doubts about Russian involvement in US elections and cyber attacks. In 2016, Vladimir Putin publicly acknowledged that he supported Donald Trump. The Republican millionaire has repeatedly expressed his admiration for the Russian leader, and has contemptuously acknowledged his refusal to intervene in the election.

As for the name. The killer“Joe Biden chose to deserve it in light of the series of assassinations. Including the Russian rival Boris Nemtsov, and the Kremlin’s master saw the effect. “Fancy behaviorReferred to Hollywood. Such talk “This is part of the American political culture that is considered normal. But not here, by the way. This is not considered normal here“, he said.

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