We all know that Pakistani people are crazy about cricket and they enjoy every moment of this sport. In this regard every year, PCB holds the most thrilling and exciting league. And we know it by the name Pakistan Super League.

To boost up the spirit of the crowd in the stadiums and the passion of Pakistani cricket fans, the PSL anthem has been released. Two days ago PSL has released its anthem with the name “AGEY DEKH”.

Featuring Atif Aslam in PSL7 Anthem
Featuring Atif Aslam in PSL7 AnthemThis time PCB featured Atif Aslam with Aima Baig and Abdullah Siddique in the anthem.  Although, this song has gained high popularity among Pakistani fans of cricket.  But there’s been a debate starting between the fans of Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar.

The fans of both artists are coming up with their own opinions about the song of PSL 7.  The fans of Ali Zafar are highly criticizing the song of this PSL in which Atif Aslam and Aima Baig are the lead singers.

Most people are saying that they were waiting for this PSL 7 for a long time and they wanted to see Ali Zafar in the song.

On the other hand, the fans of Atif Aslam are also standing up in order to support their favourite singer.  After the release of the song, a massive crowd has given their reactions and their opinions about the song. And the reaction to the song is still going in the lead.

A hot debate between fans

Featuring Atif Aslam in PSL7 Anthem

A very important aspect here is that people are divided into two groups on Twitter. One group is highly appreciating the song as they are the crazy fans of Atif Aslam.

The second group is extremely poking into the song and criticizing it badly. They think that Ali Zafar could have done it better. And they could have another level of enjoyment from the lively and thrilling voice of Ali Zafar.

In this whole scenario, there is also a third group laying in the center of the line.  They are loving the song sung by Atif Aslam. And at the same time, they are also appreciating the work of Ali Zafar done in the past PSL anthems.

Rating of PSL 7 anthem
Rating of PSL 7 anthem

Now let’s talk about the rating of this incredible song by Atif Aslam, Aima Baig and Abdullah Siddique.  All the people are divided into two groups and they are having arguments about Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam’s PSL anthems. But still, this song is touching clouds high up the sky.

It is trending # 1 on YouTube. And is very much hyped up on other social media platforms.

Till this time the song “AGEY DEKH” has 3.2 Million views with 256 Thousand likes. And with every single minute, the views and likes are increasing with a tremendous speed.

So it is very clear that it is a big hit in the PSL and it has an extreme potential to have people goosebumps.

Singer’s Variety featured by PCB in the past
Rating of PSL 7 anthem

Let’s talk with a different concept here.  PCB has always done experiments and come up with highly unique and top-class PSL anthems.  However, these experiments were sometimes a great hit, and sometimes they got full bag criticism by the fans of cricket.

Let’s take an example, Ali Zafar sang the first and second PSL anthems. And people admired them greatly.

But in the last few years, PCB featured the anthems of PSL by the Naseebo Lal, Young Stunners, and Fawad Khan.  So that they can present something new to the people.  And every time people showed love and criticism depending upon their likings about the song.

Final Word

Hence, the same thing has happened this year.  People are talking about the PSL 7 anthem, showering their love, or criticizing it according to their likings.

But this time, people are talking about two remarkable artists of the Pakistani industry and making comparisons of them.

But it is a fact that no doubt Atif Aslam has shown brilliant performance in the song and it is a lovely and highly passionate song for the PSL 7 anthem.  And it will surely warm up the crowd in the stadium during all the matches of PSL 2022.

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