when it comes to starting a business, we all look for the better and the cheaper opportunities around to work with. We list down tons of alternatives, we research and test all of them just so we can decide where to spend wisely to save some money and get the best result as much as possible. After business planning, we start by ordering a logo, developing websites and social media sites. And as a miniature startup business owner we mostly go for the ways where we can make it free, isn’t it right? 

For a custom logo design, you are facing two options either you hire a professional or you make it free. Some websites offer free custom logos for your business. You can design it yourself without interacting with external parties and get it done in minutes. But will it be up to the mark? Are you going to pull out some really attractive pieces of art? And you think you should give it a try but before let’s run some pros and cons for a free custom logo design that is going to be the face of your future launching brand.


Ease of use

These websites create templates of every aspect that is needed to create an impressive logo. If you search for a free custom logo design template on search engines you will a lot of websites like wix.com, coohome.com, and even adobe offer free online logo-making services. You just have to tell them what your business is about and what kind of sample logos prefer and then put the brand’s name and slogan if any, they will show you some automated templates in which you can also customize it with your choice of color pallet, font, style, and symbol.

Rapid process

Getting a logo from logo-making can take days but making yourself online will only take you about hardly 20 – 30 minutes. When you design a logo with templates all of the material is already available and use just have assembled everything as you desire. No new sketches, no color mixing and you do not have to look for new fonts to download. Plus, you do not have to interact with anyone or explain to them what you are looking for in your logo.

Within your means

This is the whole reason that you are going online, right? Online custom logo design makers can be a great platform in this case. With your budget you can get a quite amusing logo design, sometimes they charge a fee but that is very little. Although, if you are not concerned with quality, this can be great you have to be aware of the quality before you get disappointed.



Some logo designing websites do this thing you would not know till the end. They let you design a logo normally, provides you with all the templates, colors, and all the other features. When you are done with a logo you will be needing a png or jpeg file to download so you can use it further but only then they will ask you for money. I mean, why not mentioned it before it’s their tactics to make you pay after all that effort you put in and do not even say that you will take a screenshot or something because they are clever that they will put their watermark on it. So, if you do not, you can not have the original file. Voila!

Amateur look

Your logo will look just fine when you have completed it on an online website but while pasting it on your product you will see the lacking finishing in it. Even the pixels will blur out while posting it on social media and this presents an unprofessional look to the potential customers and make them think if you’re not stable enough to work with. This drives your customers away.

Can’t call it original!

The logo you have designed lacks the original sketches and ideas. The template has already been used before by God knows, how many brands? The symbol, colors, fonts, etc. you are just shuffling all of this to create your design. 

Many many copies!!

As mentioned above, you are just shuffling all the features to create your logo. What if the design you have made is already existing, if not, 100% the same maybe just the color is different and all the aspects are matching? What if your symbol matches but their business is of a different industry? Just think, how unprofessional vibes it will pass.

Copyright issues

While making an online logo you may not think about it at a time but it is a very serious issue. If your logo matches the existing brand logo they can take actions against you legally, they will sue you. Instead of getting a free logo, you will have to pay for legal matters. A professional designer will never give you an existing logo.

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