Days after a new road sign in north London was destroy, a massive sign with its original name was screw to the wall behind it.

Haringey Council renamed Black Boy Lane in Tottenham La Rose Lane on January 23, citing concerns over its racial undertones.

Only 24 hours later, the new sign was splatter with black paint.

The poster appeared a few days later. It is unknown who placed it up, and the council has subsequently taken it down.

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, the council began a consultation on a name change.

It stated that many locals were concern about “the impact its continuous use has on black people in Haringey,” but acknowledge that “a considerable proportion of inhabitants of the street” were oppose to the notion.

La Rose Lane was christen after the African poet, publisher, and activist John La Rose.

After police assaulted a black youngster in the borough in 1975, he helped found the Black Parents Movement.

In addition, he established New Beacon Books in Finsbury Park, which has been describe as the UK’s first Caribbean publishing company, bookshop, and worldwide book service.

Leader of Haringey Council Peray Ahmet earlier told the BBC: “We’re commemorating a person who has a huge legacy in our borough.

“Having a road named Black Boy Lane seems mediaeval in this day and age.”

But the campaign group Save Our Statues has declared it a “futile gesture”.

“This move exemplifies the contemporary urge to seek for racism and offence where none exist as a performative exhibition of virtuousness,” creator Robert Poll remarked.

The city council has refused to comment on the Black Boy Lane sign affixed to the wall.

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