Paramount+ canceled the Workaholics movie just five weeks before it to scheduled to start shooting. Its three co-creators, Adam Devine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm, appeared in the Comedy Central sitcom of the same name, which served as the inspiration for the movie. They portrayed best friends who struggled to escape their childish tendencies and quit college to start working together at a telemarketing firm. Seven seasons of the show, which aired from 2011 to 2017, followed the announcement of a movie that would premiere on Paramount+.

Co-creator and star DeVine said on Instagram that Paramount+ had decided not to continue with the Workaholics movie before it even began shooting.

DeVine utilizes comedy to convey the bad news and express his disappointment for the movie’s devoted audience and cast. Still, he also hopes the movie will eventually find a new home. See his complete response to the abrupt cancellation below:

Why Paramount+ axed the Workaholics movie

Why Paramount+ axed the Workaholics movie

There were tons of comments from viewers on DeVine’s statement, evidently upset about this seemingly sudden change and annoyed that revealed the creation of a Workaholics movie in early 2020. Due to the epidemic, it was then delayed by three years before being canceled. The Righteous Gemstones star expressed his apparent dissatisfaction by claiming that a large portion of the cast and crew to abruptly laid off due to Paramount’s badly timed choice. DeVine hinted that the streaming service decided to delete the movie because it no longer matched its “global strategy,” though Paramount+ has not yet commented on the cancellation.

Although there are several streaming services, Paramount+ has always had a unique approach. The network offers viewers access to over 30,000 episodes from BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and the Smithsonian Channel, in addition to CBS series, originals, classics, and live TV. Paramount proposed integrating Showtime into the streaming service in September 2022. Despite the service’s popularity, even the most widely anticipated projects do not always materialize in the streaming era.

Even though the Workaholics‘ adventures have unfortunately ended, the show’s creators still plan to carry on its legacy. The group will shortly address the choice and their plans for the project on their podcast; this is important, as DeVine said in his blog post. Unfortunately, HBO Max and Netflix have also experienced issues with cancellations, so Paramount+ is not the only streaming provider dealing with this. However, one can view the Workaholics movie on another platform, which might keep the prospect of a movie being made and released alive.


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