After being destroye in a storm more than a year ago, they will play a cathedral’s organ again this week.

In November 2021, Storm Arwen destroyed the instrument in Worcester Cathedral and other portions of the tower.

The roof of the north choir aisle was pierce by a pinnacle that fell from the tower.

The cathedral announced that a gala performance and lunchtime recitals, postponed due to repairs, will take place this month.

Over 2,000 pipes in organs were remove and clean, while the roof and vaulting had to be damage, repaire the fallen masonry.

Samuel Hudson, the cathedral’s music director, said it was great to hear the organ fill the cathedral again.

“We are tremendously grateful to the teams who have been working on the instrument’s and the building’s restoration,” he added.

The first lunchtime session will hold on Thursday, and the annual Gala Organ Recital will take place on January 21.

What is Worcester Cathedral?

Worcester Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral located on a bank watching the River Severn in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. It is the episcopal residence of the Bishop of Worcester.

Between 1084 and 1504, the current cathedral church was built, displaying every style of English architecture from Norman to Perpendicular Gothic.

It is renowned for its Norman crypt and one-of-a-kind chapter house, as well as its remarkable Transitional Gothic bays, superb woodwork, and “exquisite” central tower of exceptionally great proportions. King John and Prince Arthur’s tombs can found in the church.


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