A Mr Blobby outfit, complete with a bow tie, sold for £62,101 after collecting dust for decades.

It was create for the BBC TV comedy Noel’s House Party in the 1990s, where the clumsy pink figure rose to renown.

The online sale, which began last week with a starting bid of £39, received 178 bids on eBay.

According to the seller, it was created for an overseas version of the show that was later cancelled and has never seen the bright lights of a TV studio.

They stated in the listing that they came to own it because no one from the production team wanted it, so it sat in their workplace and home for years.

Mr Blobby first appeared in the Bafta-winning show’s Gotcha segment, when he would trick celebrities.

He frequently participated in comic routines on the show, which Noel Edmonds hosted, and in shows like Keeping Up Appearances and Lovejoy.

Despite being boot from Noel’s House Party’s last season, he returned for the final episode.

The vendor stated that they needed to remove the costume since they were relocating and that the suit was “not suited to be worn.”

“Overall, it’s not bad for its age – however the cover has visible wrinkles and dust, and certain places require a dab of glue to make good,” the seller said.

The listing also specified the repairs required, such as reattaching his arms and fastening his iconic bow tie.

It’s unclear who won the online auction or whether their bid was legitimate. Winning an auction is a commitment to buy an item under Ebay’s terms and conditions, but the selling platform cannot legally enforce this.

Due to copyright laws, the buyer will be require to sign an agreement confirming that they would not hire out or use the outfit for public exhibition before receiving the item, according to the listing.

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