M3GAN 2 is officially ensuing and already has a 2025 release date set by Blumhouse. The 2023 movie year found a surprise hit out the gate with the killer A.I. doll movie M3GAN becoming a box office, critical, and viral sensation.

The film featured Gemma, played by Allison Williams, an innovator who makes an A.I. doll to assist in guarding, teaching, and playing with children.

M3GAN’s programming, on the other hand, causes her to become violent and begin killing individuals who threaten Cady (Violet McGraw).

M3GAN’s success and popularity online have rejected expectancies for a sequel quite high.

After announcing that a sequel was in the works, THR now says that M3GAN 2 is officially occurring – and will be branded M3GAN 2.0 – and will be released on January 17, 2025.

After working on the first film and Malignant, Akela Cooper is back to create the script. Allison Williams and Violet McGraw have also been confirm to reprise their roles as Gemma and Cady.

No word has been on whether M3GAN cast members Amie Donald and Jenna Davis will return to play the murderous doll, and director Gerard Johnstone has yet to commit to the sequel.

Allison Williams will also co-produce M3GAN 2 with James Wan, Jason Blum, and others.

The Announcement of M3GAN’s Sequel Makes It 2023’s First Official Hit Movie

The announcement that M3GAN 2.0 is happening for a 2025 release date guarantee that M3GAN is 2023’s first superhit movie. 

The horror movie was expecte to be moderate of a hit thanks to Blumhouse’s great marketing movement that made M3GAN’s dances go viral and stimulate new TikTok trends.

What was a bit of a shock was M3GAN‘s very positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is Certified New and sits at an amazing 95% critic score.

The great response from analysts helped create an M3GAN 2 announcement even more likely.

M3GAN‘s box office hit was evident from the movie’s first weekend, where it surpassed expectations and made $30 million domestically.

The early January release window has often been a great spot for terror movies, but M3GAN is not a poorly-reviewed entrance in the genre that still flourishes thanks to a lacking challenger.

Instead, the film has continued to draw spectators and will soon reach $100 million globally.

With a stated budget of $12 million, M3GAN’s ability to make 10 times its budget might make the film one of the year’s most profitable movies.

The fast announcement of M3GAN 2 reflects the previous film’s critical and financial success.

Audiences will not have to wait long for M3GAN to return after M3GAN’s ending to terrorize Gemma and Cady again, as the sequel will be released in two years.

Audiences will not have to wait long for M3GAN to return after M3GAN’s ending to terrorize Gemma and Cady again, as the sequel will be release in two years.

That will give Akela Cooper and the rest of the M3GAN team plenty of time to develop new tunes for the killer A.I. to sing, dance to, and play as the gadget murders more people in M3GAN 2.0.

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