American football star Damar Hamlin experienced a heart collapse during a primetime US National Football League game and is now in critical condition.

During the first quarter of a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the 24-year-old Buffalo Bills player tripped across an opponent and fell to the ground.

Before being transported to a nearby hospital, he received more than 30 minutes of on-field medical care.

The NFL opted to cancel the game for the evening around an hour after the incident.

His team, the Buffalo Bills, later released a statement confirming the cardiac arrest and adding that it had restored the player’s heartbeat on the field.

As the NFL season neared its dramatic play-off stages, the emergency triggered an outpouring of well-wishes for Hamlin. It brought attention back to the dangers of America’s most popular sport.

At the stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hamlin seemed to be smacked in the chest by Bengals receiver Tee Higgins’ helmet as he collided with him. He stood up, then fell on the ground after tripping.

Players from both teams gathered around Hamlin as medical staff performed CPR and gave him oxygen. Many to seen bowing in prayer, others were seen to be upset, and others were crying.

Rarely are NFL games postpone due to injuries. The fact that the game had halted play, according to the commentators, was evidence of how frightening and serious the problem was.

The matchup between the two teams, two of the top Super Bowl hopefuls this year, will take place on a Monday night in prime time during the last week of the NFL’s regular season.

The league’s players’ association stated: “We communicated with Bengals and Bills players as well as the NFL. Just Damar’s health and well-being are crucial at this stage.

Hamlin, a McKees Rock, Pennsylvania native who was taken by the Bills in the NFL Draft of 2021, star at the University of Pittsburgh before being draft.

Last season, he played safety for the Bills primarily as a reserve, but in 2022, he started.

Additionally, he has to be recognize for organizing yearly Christmas toy drives in his hometown since he was an amateur athlete.

A GoFundMe page for the toy drive was publish following Hamlin’s breakdown on Monday and has since amassed almost $3 million (£2.5 million).

On Monday night, the city of Cincinnati’s structures, including Paycor Stadium, were all illuminated in blue.

Also flooding in from all directions are well wishes.

Basketball player LeBron James stated: “It was terrifying to behold, and I want the best for that young individual. I adore football and the NFL, so anything like that would never happen to me.”

He continued that player safety is always the most important factor in every sport.

The Arizona Cardinals JJ Watt, a defensive end, tweeted, “Please just be fine.” Ryan Clark, a former safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, said this on ESPN’s SportsCenter: “This isn’t about a football player; this is almost a human. Just please be alright.

“Wishing Damar Hamlin well,” remarked New York Governor Kathy Hochul. His family, close friends, and the Buffalo Bills organization are in our prayers.

Bruce Sharpe, a Bills fan who was present at the moment, characterized it as “devastating.”

“There was complete quiet. “You don’t want to see that, especially Bengals fans,” he went on. “All we can wish for is that everything works out,” says the writer.

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