On Friday, when Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery debuts on Netflix, it won’t only be original movie buffs and Daniel Craig’s striped bathing suit getting ready for the holiday movie bow.

The Knives Out sequel is a priority for Amazon, whose studio competes with Netflix while also acting as a gateway for all things streaming through its Fire TV business. It is now providing sponsored supplementary resources through a hub on the Fire home screen. 

A 30-second vignette focusing on the “mystery” of a stolen Fire TV Cube is house there and gives a hint at the whodunit whimsy of the movie (see it ABOVE). Additionally, there will be cast interviews with director Rian Johnson and specially created Alexa voice commands available.

According to recent data from measurement company Comscore, as of last February, more than 31 million American households have an Amazon Fire tablet. 

Even if it wants to overtake Netflix as the leading provider of programming, Amazon is also searching for methods to grow all types of streaming as a business. The same strategy is use by companies like Apple, Roku, Comcast, and others to keep viewers interested and watching for longer periods, even if it means effectively transferring them from Macy’s to Gimbel’s.

Announcement of Amazon Promotion

Amazon referred to the campaign as an “immersive on-device experience” when introducing it. Sharpen your detective abilities, the studio advise viewers in a blog post, since keen eyes can “not only spot how the murder was done but also a number of Easter eggs and callbacks to the film.” Behind-the-scenes content and interviews with Rian Johnson, the director, and the cast will accompany the film.

Before one of the most eagerly await film launches of the year on Netflix, “We are please that Fire TV is delivering our consumers a really immersive experience,” said Charlotte Maines, Director of Fire TV.

Equally enthusiastic was Netflix’s VP of Marketing Partnerships, Magno Herran. Herran state that she and her team “liked taking inspiration from the movie for this partnership” because Glass Onion is “pack with misdirects and mystery.” Together, we’re urging fans worldwide to adopt a detective attitude. It is a great new method for us to continue building on the movie’s momentum and enthusiasm.

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