As the co-founder of Symba Marketing, Nate Peterman has a lot to be grateful for, including that he’s scaled a business from nothing to six figures in as little as 12 months. Most companies struggle to achieve such an outstanding goal, but he’s managed to do it in no time, making it look easy. He looks forward to sharing his advice with others interested in doing the same.

One of the main things Symba Marketing is known for, other than offering high-quality services that clients benefit from, is putting the customers first. It’s been a priority since day one and has helped Nate and his co-founder, Daniel Kiani, make great strides in the marketing industry.

With a genuine belief that customer service will always lead to better business growth, Nate encourages entrepreneurs to put the needs of their customers or clients first. “I’ve always taken customer service seriously, even before running my own business. I’ve held jobs at other places, such as McDonald’s, Sheetz, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and have even sold cars to people. During my time working for others, I learned that the customers appreciate it when you go the extra mile,” shares Nate. He has achieved significant goals using his experience working with the public to provide. Symba Marketing’s customers with excellent opportunities to grow. “We take the time to listen to each client, paying attention to their wants, needs. And goals and working closely with them to help them accomplish big things.”

Customer Support

His customer-centered approach to running a business worked out exceptionally well. Now that the business is bringing in six figures while working with customers across the globe. It’s proof that putting their needs first before focusing on other aspects of the company. Will make a difference and yield better results in the long run.

“People are often surprised to hear that we’ve never spent money on paid advertisements. While this might not work for everyone, we haven’t had to put out money for advertisements. Because our word-of-mouth referrals and online presence were that strong. People came to us because they were referred from their friends, family, and others within their network. Which helped us grow and expand quite rapidly,” says Nate. “We’ve worked with more than 300 clients across the globe, including social media influencers. And have expanded into other industries, such as the Symba Music Group. Where we’re working with the Australian pop music star, India Dupriez. A lot has happened in a year, and I truly believe it’s. Because we care about our clients and want to see them succeed. When you care about what you’re doing, it makes an impact.”

Despite being successful at such a young age in life, Nate Peterman continues to look forward to expanding the business even further while working with more incredible people from different countries worldwide. Those interested in learning more from Nate, who has valuable advice to offer entrepreneurs. Should check out his book, Success Secrets for the Young Entrepreneur. And follow him on Instagram for the latest updates on where Symba is heading next.

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