Nadhim Zahawi has been fire from the ministry after rising scrutiny of his tax troubles.

An investigation into Mr. Zahawi’s financial dealings revealed a “severe breach of the ministerial code,” according to the prime minister.

Rishi Sunak ordered the investigation after it was reveal that Mr. Zahawi paid the penalty to HMRC for the previously unpaid tax while he was chancellor.

Mr. Zahawi stated that HRMC acknowledged it was a “careless and not purposeful” error.

The MP may be “quite proud of your wide-ranging successes in government over the last five years,” Mr. Sunak wrote in a letter to Mr. Zahawi.

He notably mentioned Mr. Zahawi’s efforts managing the Covid vaccination, saying it was “essential to ensuring our country came through this crisis and saved many lives.”

Mr. Zahawi faced additional scrutiny after admitting to making a payment to resolve a disagreement with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

According to the BBC, the disagreement was settle between July and September of last year while he was chancellor and in command of the tax system.

According to the BBC, the total amount paid was almost £5 million, including a penalty.

On Monday, Mr. Sunak had ordered his independent ethics adviser, Sir Laurie Magnus, to check into the reports about Mr. Zahawi’s tax arrangements, saying there were “questions that need answers.”

Sir Laurie’s findings stated that Mr. Zahawi had “insufficient regard for the general principles of the ministerial code and, in particular, the necessities under the seven Principles of Public Life to be honest, open, and an exemplary leader through his behaviour,” according to the letter sent to Mr. Sunak on Sunday morning.

“I also completely comprehend the pressures that ministers participate as they deal with the problematized problems of government and the challenges they confront in juggling the demands of their personal life and ministerial obligations.

The government has been trouble by Nadhim Zahawi’s tax matters for the past ten days.

Rishi Sunak has advocated the importance of due process. However, he has been accuse of being weak for waiting so long to take action to remove Mr. Zahawi.

Early this morning, the PM received the report from his ethics advisor. He informed Mr. Zahawi in person that he was fired before the news was publicized.

There was not much space for speculation in Sir Laurie Magnus report other than Mr. Zahawi’s resignation.

He claimed that Mr. Zahawi didn’t demonstrate enough respect for the expected standards of ministers.

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