DC Comics has recently introduced its most powerful meta-human ever in WildCATS #3, a being with the power to change reality itself.

In WildCATS #3, the team task with finding and rescuing a mysterious child who is later reveal to be capable of causing Crisis-level incidents.

For those familiar with DC, the term “Crisis” denotes that this child can destroy not only Earth but the entire multiverse.

Matthew Rosenberg wrote the issue, Stephen Segovia prepared it, and Elmer Santos colored and lettered by Ferran Delgado.

The Halo Corporation, the organisation in charge of the WildCATS, is charge with locating a “package.” They are told that the object is “simple to observe,” but are not provided a comprehensive description of it. After the crew has divided into the building, armed security personnel are facing them.

The guards are swiftly overpowere, and they discover a young child bound and blindfold. When the team discovers that the youngster is in the package they were sent after, they are shocked. 

The crew discovers that the child’s name is Charlie Walsh and that his passing could “spark a Crisis-level event” as they get away while escaping gunshots and assault helicopters.

Powers at Crisis Levels Are the Most Extreme Possible

In the DC Universe, a “Crisis” is typically a significant event that upsets the multiverse’s regular order. The most well-known of these is probably Crisis on Infinite Earths; this serial was responsible for modernizing the DC Universe.

The most recent event was Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, which added infinite universes to the DC canon. Other subsequent events include Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, Infinite Crisis, Identity Crisis, and so on.

Some of DC’s best storylines have built around these Crisis-level occurrences, but they carry a cost. Previous crises have resulted in the death (and resurrection) of several heroes, including the Flash and Wonder Woman, and reality restructuring. A human infant is perhaps the most potent metahuman if it can directly trigger a Crisis.

Charlie Walsh Poses a Threat on a Darkseid-level

Although the comic hasn’t yet explained why the child’s death would cause a Crisis event, the term itself seems to imply that it would be something that may endanger the multiverse as a whole.

Little Charlie Walsh is in a very special league because only a select few DC Comics characters possess this ability, including Doctor Multiverse and the Anti-Monitor. It’s terrible to think about a young person with such power spiraling out of control under the spell of a villain. Charlie needs to be restraine as quickly as possible due to his threat from the multiverse.

The Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, and the Batman Who Laughs are just a few of DC’s heavy hitters who have previously set their sights on the multiverse, proving that it takes a unique kind of villain to bring the multiverse to its knees.

Even though they are all multiverse experts on a cosmic level, these villains still had to give everything they had to bring about their Crises.

A new mystery about who the next most powerful metahuman in DC Comics is and how the WildCATs want to use his abilities has arisen, though, as a youngster who may destabilize the multiverse by just dying has appeared.

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