Police looking for a couple and their infant stated they “do not intend to disturb their family life.”

Since their car split down on the M61 close to Bolton on Thursday, Constance Marten and Mark Gordon have gone missing.

According to the police, Ms. Marten had “quite recently” given birth, and neither she nor the child had received a medical evaluation.

The purpose of the continued search, according to the police, is “mainly to protect the child of the couple.”

Near Colchester and Harwich Port in Essex, there have been reports of sightings.

On Saturday, a CCTV photograph thought to be of Ms. Marten was made public.

The couple, originally from London, and their infant are currently being sought after by Essex Police.

Police “do not intend to interrupt their family life – our search is purely to guarantee the welfare of the couple’s child,” according to Det Ch Insp Rob Huddleston.

To discover them, we are undertaking numerous searches in and around Colchester. To discuss probable onward travel from Colchester, we are also in contact with our British Transport Police colleagues.

I would kindly ask Colchester residents — and anyone else in north Essex — to become familiar with Mark and Constance’s faces and to quickly contact us if they saw them.

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