To assist in safeguarding Jersey wildlife, two parts of the Minquiers have been designate as sites of particular interest.

Breeding and nesting activities of wild birds will be safeguard in both regions.

From 1 February to 31 August 2023, the order prohibits lighting a bonfire, setting off fireworks, or playing loud music on offshore reefs.

Deputy Environment Minister Jonathan Renouf stated that it is “our responsibility” to protect seabirds.

He stated, “I’m please to represent the two important regions of Les Minquiers as Locations of Special Protection under the Wildlife Law of Jersey.

In order to ensure that the seabirds who nest there are safe and have a good breeding season, this order should help to minimise any human disruption throughout the spring and summer months when Islanders and visitors pay frequent trips to the Minquiers.

To safeguard wild birds, the government established four special protection zones at Les Ecréhous in 2022.

Common terns, European shags, huge cormorants, and great black-backed gulls are among the birds protect by the status.

During the nesting season, the following activities will be prohibit:
  • Except in an emergency, entering breeding areas
  • Operating a vessel at 5 knots or higher
  • Using or operating an unmanned aerial vehicle without permission from the environment minister
  • Discharging a rifle or ceremonial gun or using or manipulating a laser
  • Bringing a dog onto land without written permission
  • Playing audio recordings of bird songs, calls, or other sounds that can entice, scare, or disturb a protected wild bird

The Maîtresse Île Residents Association, led by John Le Gresley, welcomed the special protection.

He said that the huge Minquiers reef features two sizeable but modest areas of dry land that are suitable for nesting bird populations.

During the order’s writing process, “we had excellent discussions with the department, and we feel there is a chance for positive environmental coexistence between humans and the Minquiers’ nesting species.”


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