The upcoming comedy, Maybe I Do on Screen Rant, is pleased to present an exclusive first look at a clip. This multi-generational romantic comedy relates the story of a couple on their road to marriage, and hilarity ensues when it is reveal that the couple’s parents are not only acquaint but also having affairs with one other.

The film features an indubitable who’s who of the Hollywood A-list, including Diane Keaton (The First Wives Club), Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking), Richard Gere (Pretty Woman), Emma Roberts (American Horror Story), William H. Macy (Shameless), & Luke Bracey (Point Break). On January 27th, Maybe I Do will be released in theaters nationwide.

Michelle (Roberts) & Allen (Bracey) are at the phase in their relationship where it’s unavoidable that the question of marriage has come into play. 

As they consider the next steps, one decision is made – they must introduce their parents to each other. Only it turns out some of them are already familiar, as Michelle’s dad has been having an affair with Allen’s mom, & Allen’s dad has been having an affair with Michelle’s mom. Trapped in dinner, they can’t get out of it; they must face their spouses’ lovers while testing to keep it all a secret from the kids. Screen Rant is happy to present this exclusive clip showing the point the shenanigans commence in Maybe I Do.

What To Expect From Maybe I Do

In this exclusive print from Maybe I Do, presented by Screen Rant, Allen & his parents have just come to the home of Michelle’s family. It appears an on-time arrival wasn’t anticipated, as the absence of Michelle’s parents to greet them is noted & questioned. It sets the stage for the first ensemble to recognize the emergency they’re in, as Allen’s Dad, Sam (Macey), identifies the voice of Michelle’s Mom, Grace (Keaton), as his lover.

 Surprise and horror are obvious as he quickly falls off the couch and out of frame to evade meeting her. The group, which includes Allen’s mother, Monica (Sarandon), is give to wonder where he vanishe. They notice the front door is wide open, but Sam is nowhere to seen. All these hijinx have already happened, and Michelle’s dad, Howard (Gere), hasn’t even entered the fray yet.

The poster for Maybe I Do presents all the players in the story. In each corner are the stars in the midpoint of the drama. Michelle’s parents, Grace and Howard, quality on top, with their counterparts and lovers, Allen’s parents Sam & Monica, featured below. Centered are happy couple Michelle and Allen in what appears to be wedding clothes, which suggests that in the end, all will end up right for them nonetheless of their parents’ shenanigans.

Maybe I Do will provide some lightness to Vertical Entertainment’s January slate, including the horror thrillers Blood, starring Michelle Monaghan, and Alone in the Dark, starring Ashley Benson.

The film follows a trend that signals a return to the rom-com genre with the 2022 release Ticket to Paradise, featuring Julia Roberts and George Clooney, and The Lost City, starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. Another new drama, Your Place Or Mine, starring Reese Witherspoon & Ashton Kutcher, will be released on Netflix on February 10th.

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