A beautiful fan painting of Lucas Till, who played The Flash in X-Men: First Class, gives an excellent idea of how the character would seem in the new DC Universe. James Gunn and Peter Safran were named as the new co-CEOs of DC Studios, and it was also made known that they intended to revamp the DCU. Henry Cavill’s termination from the Superman role was the first significant victim of this time of transformation. The future of several DC characters is in doubt. Thus, a rebooted version of The Flash will likely appear in the new DCU.

On Instagram, the talented artist SPDRMNKYXXIII posted a stunning mock-up of Till as The Flash for Gunn’s DCU. The distinctive red and gold color scheme of The Flash is significantly complemented by a significant amount of white in Till’s projected costume. Although there are some parallels between the artwork and Ezra Miller’s revised outfit in the upcoming The Flash movie, the proposed suit would be a departure from Miller’s film roles. The electricity produced by The Flash’s ability to move freely throughout the suit is the main feature that unites both suits. See the complete artwork below:

Reasons Why Lucas Till Would Make a Fantastic Flash

Lucas Till Is Pictured As The Next Scarlet Speedster In Flash Fan Art

For several reasons, till would make a wonderful Barry Allen opponent in the new DC Universe. One of them is Till’s striking likeness to a DC Comics character, which would undoubtedly excite comic book fans because Miller and even Grant Gustin, who plays the Flash on TV, don’t look anything like the character till has demonstrated in the prior film, and television appearances that he possesses the talent necessary to successfully portray Barry.

Till has starred in several high-profile productions during his career; His most prominent role was as the titular character in the resurrection of the film of the same name, MacGyver, on television. Till was able to completely showcase his acting abilities over the five seasons of MacGyver, giving a pleasant portrayal and displaying his capacity to carry out entertaining action sequences.

Even while Till’s major role in MacGyver may have been his most well-known, the actor first rose to fame in a superhero film years earlier. Till portrayed Havoc in X-Men: First Class in 2011. In the X-Men reboot, Havoc is Charles Xavier’s first student and the brother of the famous X-Men Cyclops. Sadly, Till’s Havoc was a waste of time because he only appeared in one moment in X-Men: Days Of Future Past and died early in X-Men: Apocalypse until he might get a well-deserved superhero comeback from The Flash.

How The Flash Movie Can Prepare for the Replacement of Ezra Miller

The actors from the 2017 film Justice League are as follows: Ben Affleck wants to transition from Batman to a supporting role in the New DCU, Aquaman star Jason Momoa is rumored to continue in the DC franchise recast as anti-hero Lobo, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 3 has been canceled after director Patty Jenkins walked out and Gadot’s reportedly been fired; Ray Fisher isn’t returning as Cyborg after a series of disputes with DC parent company Warner Bros. Discovery;

Due to the effects of the multiversal component of the character’s trip in The Flash might solve the multiverse mystery of the film, and a new actor, perhaps Till, could be revealed as Barry’s new face.


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