Little People, Big World viewers are interested in learning what Zach and Tori Roloff did on December 31 after a challenging 2022. The only son of Amy and Matt Roloff, still actively participating in Little People, Big World, is Zach. Since viewers adore watching their small family expand, Zach and Tori have taken on the role of the franchise’s face, in contrast to his older siblings, who have retreated from the spotlight.

Fans of Little People, Big World are curious about what Tori and Zach Roloff did on New Year’s Eve after a difficult 2022. Zach is the only kid of Amy and Matt Roloff, who is currently actively involved in Little People, Big World. Zach and Tori have emerged as the franchise’s face because fans adore watching their small family expand, unlike his older brothers, who have retreated from the spotlight.

New Year’s Eve recap from Tori

New Year's Eve recap from Tori

On New Year’s Eve, Tori posted a reflection on her Instagram on the “excellent” year she had. The first image in the video montage shows Tori posing in a black bodysuit in front of a big window while carrying Josiah, her third child. Notably, the film didn’t mention Matt or Amy and only featured memories of Zach, Tori, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. Although Tori declined to reveal what her family did on New Year’s Eve, her husband and Jackson probably built a bonfire in their backyard with some hotdogs and beans. The conflict is still going on.

Tori Celebrates Josiah

New Year's Eve recap from Tori

On December 31, Tori also shared a picture of Josiah, who had just turned eight months old. As her son dozed off on a blanket with images of the months of the year, the Little People, Big World actress presented her child. Despite staying close to home during the holidays, viewers were startled to see Zach and Tori in Audrey Roloff’s Christmas pictures. Zach and Jeremy appear to have connected over their dysfunctional father.

Since there appeared to be a rift between the four, Little People, Big World fans have been watching the twins and their wives for years. After getting married and having children, Audrey and Tori lose their friendship and appear to vie for Tori’s attention. Viewers noticed Audrey humblebragged or made fun of Tori several times in 2022. But in recent months, Jeremy, Audrey, Zach, and Tori have been seen spending time together and hanging together. The Roloff family reunion will hopefully be a lovely event in 2023.

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