Live Leak marked a time in the darkest of the Internet. The twisted English crime, violence, and blood website has shut down, its co-founder Hayden He  witt announced. Known for its gory videos, Live Leak was online for 15 years.

The co-founder did not elaborate on the reasons for closing the page, and on his YouTube channel, Trigger Warning, he did not elaborate on the subject either. “Everything is different now, everything goes on. I do not like it. I liked it a lot more when this was the Wild West, ”he joked.

The evolution of Live Leak in its 15 years of life

Live Leak had a slogan: “Redefining the media.” His goal was to show the world as bloody as he is. Even more. It emerged as an antagonist of YouTube since this platform distanced itself from the twisted material from the beginning.

His first major video was that of the execution of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who ended his days by hanging after being captured by the United States. Since then it has only increased and increased in visits, but also in controversies.

Despite his wild start, in 2014 he had a moment to stop and think about the seriousness of his videos. It happened with the beheading of American journalist James Foley by the Islamic State.

Alternatives of the LiveLeak

However, there are several video websites that offer quality content that cannot even be found on Liveleak.

If you want to know a little more about these websites to watch videos and have more variety, or if you want an alternative to creating your own video channel, just check out our list of the best alternative of liveleak.


After YouTube, Vimeo is probably one of the most popular and used video websites on the internet. Its interface is very nice and easy to use, and you can create your account on the site very quickly and easily (although it is something optional).

The content that is published on Vimeo is usually more serious, since it has many short films, for example. This makes it the perfect place if you want to see really amazing audiovisual works or if you have a more professional project to publish on the site.


If we talk about users, DailyMotion is the most popular site after YouTube, with more than 110 million visitors every month. Its interface is not the prettiest, it looks quite old, but everything else works very well.

Besides watching, you can upload videos for free and even earn money from their content if you want to be part of a special program created by the website.


If you think YouTube was the great forerunner of video websites, you are very wrong. Metacafe was the first website of its kind to go online, in 2003. It is up and running to date and has just over 40 million visitors each month and hundreds of millions of videos available to watch, making it an excellent alternative to YouTube.

Its design is quite different from the other websites for watching videos, but it is still quite pretty. Videos are usually quite short and are grouped by latest, popular, and trending.


You might be wondering why we put an image-sharing website in this article, but the truth is that Flickr also allows its users to post videos.

The website offers 1 TB of storage and serves more as a way to share videos with people close to you rather than posting something that millions of people will see.


Vevo is a great alternative to YouTube and is considered one of the best video websites, especially if you are looking for music and artists. The negative is that it does not allow users to upload any type of video, limiting it only to the world of music.

The positive is that its content is of high quality and the page has an incredibly simple interface to use.


When it comes to live streaming, you can’t forget Twitch, one of the most famous sites in the world, especially among users looking to watch games online. Today, Twitch already has a great diversity of channels, so it not only attracts the attention of game streamers but also areas such as music and even some exclusive shows.

If you’re looking for a place to access live content, Twitch is definitely worth a look. It is completely free and allows you to make donations or pay for channel subscriptions.


DTube is a platform that is very similar to YouTube. In DTube you can search for the most viewed videos, videos that are becoming very popular, and even check the playlists of recently published videos.

As in YouTube, you can leave a “Like” or “Do not like” on the videos, as well as subscribe to the channels that you like the most and comment on the videos. The site is really worth checking out if you want to find different content. It is also possible to find anime on DTube, but it is even better to access specialized anime applications, such as the ones we present in this list.


Viddler is a very different alternative to the video websites that we show you in this list, since it mainly focuses on corporate or interactive videos with consumers of certain brands, for example.

Viddler allows customization of video players and is more suitable if you want to focus on the professional aspects of your videos.

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