This phrase has been making waves in right-wing circles for some time now. It started at a NASCAR race in Alabama, when Republican Rep. Bill Posey ended his speech with a fist pump. Before long, it became an accepted way to insult the vice president. In fact, this phrase began as a code word for swearing at Joe Biden.

What Exactly is the Significance of Phrase?

He went viral on the internet. Some people used it as a code word to swear at lets go brandon. This included Rep. Jeff Duncan, who wore a mask at the Capitol. Another politician, Sen. Ted Cruz, posed with a sign of “Let’s go, Brandon!” during the World Series. Even Senator Mitch McConnell’s press secretary tweeted the phrase. But what exactly is the significance of the phrase?

Donald Trump Rally

The phrase is now commonly used by conservatives across the US. It caught on after a recent Donald Trump rally, where supporters wore T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase ” lets go brandon! In addition to the right-wing social media site “Twitter,” the phrase has been echoed by the conservative radio show “The Cruz Show.” Let’s Go, Brandon is a phrase used by Republicans of all stripes, including members of Congress.

President Biden

The phrase “let go brandon” has taken the Internet by storm since its first use a few months ago. Since then, the supply chain has melted down, and the US is reeling from shortages of important consumer products. Although President Biden has tried to downplay the problem, it hasn’t prevented criticism from the right.


The phrase began after a video of a NASCAR race went viral. Originally a slogan describing a NASCAR race, ‘ lets go brandon’ has morphed into an anthem that’s used to insult the president of the United States. As a result, ammunition companies began marketing their products with the slogan. The song subsequently appeared in hip-hop charts. The Bryson Gray song hit #1 on iTunes. In addition to the song, Brandon Brown, a professional NASCAR driver, has also been the star of the movement. He drives the No. 68 Chevrolet Camaro for Brandonbilt Motorsports.

Mitch McConnell’s

It’s no surprise that ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ has become a catchphrase for those who dislike Joe Biden. In fact, Republican Rep. Bill Posey, of South Carolina, ended his Oct. 21 House floor speech with the phrase, and it has grown in popularity among right-wing political figures as a code for swearing at Biden. Other Democrats have jumped on the bandwagon as well. Last week, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz posed with a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ sign outside the Capitol, and Mitch McConnell’s press secretary tweeted a photo of a construction sign that said, ‘Let’s Go Brandon’.

Anti-Biden Sentiment

The phrase began spreading on Twitter last October, and within a month, it had become a rallying cry for conservatives and anti-Biden sentiment. Conservatives quickly began sharing the phrase, including Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Lauren Boebert. While the phrase’s use is largely directed at Biden detractors, it has also spread to mainstream media. It has since become a popular hashtag, a Twitter account name, and even merchandise.

Right-Wing Circles

In the aftermath of a racist chant against Biden at a NASCAR race, Republicans have been using the phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon!” to insult the president. The chant became so popular, it has become code for “swearing at Joe Biden” in right-wing circles. Several Republican lawmakers have worn a “Let’s Go, Brandon” face mask at the Capitol, while a Texas Senator has even put a sign on his truck during the World Series. On the other hand, Mitch McConnell’s press secretary tweeted out a photo of a construction sign, which contained the ‘Lets Go, Brandon’ slogan.

Biden’s Mar-a-Lago Estate
Biden's Mar-a-Lago Estate

The phrase has gained traction in recent months, and was first used in early July, when the death of an al-Qaida leader and the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act made it a hot topic. Then, in early August, the phrase gained even more steam as a response to the FBI raid on Biden’s Mar-a-Lago estate. While the Biden administration tried to downplay the raid, it did not go unnoticed.

As the US government’s approval rating dipped to its lowest point since the election, the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon!” was all the rage among Republicans. Its implication was largely intended to show conservative credentials. But in a way, it also signaled the support of the party base. As a result, some Democratic politicians have considered running against the vice president in 2024.


The slogan has gotten so popular that some politicians are using it as code to mock Biden. A tweet by Donald Trump Jr. mocked the slogan, and Florida Rep. Another Republican politician, South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan, wore a mask featuring the phrase. Meanwhile, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called it “one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen!”

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